Chakra Mudra Elements

Yoga chakra mudra hand position

Our body is composed of five elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space/ether. The five fingers of our hand represent these five basic elements. Different types of electro-magnetic waves are energetically transmitted from each of our five fingertips. The ancient Rishis and sages discovered what is referred to as 'Mudra knowledge'. These are specific points of the hand that can be pressed by touching or folding fingers in a particular way, or pressing some points of hands.

The practice of mudras will heal any disharmony or energetic imbalances of the five elements that make up our body and cause disturbances. Mudras will help to keep the energy of the five elements in proper porportion and energetic harmony by balancing any excess or insufficient enregy, improving overall mind and body health.

  All five fingers regulate the five elements of body as follows:

1. Thumb Fire

2. Index Finger Air

3. Middle Finger Space

4. Ring Finger Earth

5. Little Finger Water

When the fingers of both hands our specifically positioned for a long duration of time, the body can rejuvenate itself.

Each chakra also has its own Bija Mantra, which is divinity in the form of sound.A Bija Mantra is a sacred vowel that resonates with a particular chakra. The ancient Sanskrit language that is used promotes balance and healing for each chakra. These sacred chakra sounds can be chanted aloud or silently as one focuses their awarneness on each chakra energy center.

1-”LAM” (Root Chakra)

2-”VAM” (Sacral Chakra)

3-”RAM” (Solar Plexus Chakra)

4-”YAM” (Heart Chakra)

5-”HAM” (Throat Chakra)

6-”SHAM” (Brow Chakra)

7-”AUM” (Crown Chakra)