Animals Chakras and Energy Centres

animal chakra symbols Animals have Auras too. Dogs and Cats both have an energy body and each have their own chakra centres. The animal chakra system also emits different color vibrations depending on the shape and intensity of the energy in each centre. The color schemes of the animal chakra system are similar as the human system is, and the functions are nearly the same. In four-legged animals the main difference is that the alignment and chakra positions are often horizontal instead of vertical.

In animals, the energy field is usually much wider than in humans. Because of an animals natural survival instinct, the aura tends to absorb much more sensory information than humans. They receive and distribute energy through each chakra individually, which makes them sensitive to more subtle vibrations and and changes within the atmosphere or environment.

All animals have an Etheric Chakra System just like humans. Most animals have 8 Major chakras, up to 21 Minor chakras and 6 smaller energy points known as Bud chakras. (4 paw pads, and the bud of skin at the opening of the ears). Alongside the seven Major chakras that animals share with humans (Crown, Third Eye/Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root), there is another Major chakra which is unique to animals only. It is called the Brachial or Key chakra. Most animals have 8 major active chakras which play an important role in their general behavior. These chakras can be stimulated and healed in a variety of ways.

Animal chakra chart for cat and dog

Animal Chakras and Energy Healing

Energy healing can greatly benefit any animal. Similar to the human energy system, when an animal chakra is blocked or has insufficient energy then the system becomes imbalanced. This can eventually result in behavioral and emotional issues, or physical disease in the area connected to the chakra. Similar methods and techniques for healing chakra imbalances in humans, can also be used on animals to restore balance and prevent or assist in healing related issues.

Similar to the human system, each organ of the animal's body also corresponds to one of the chakras. A specific physical issue can be targeted by directing energy toward the chakra related to the issue. Animals are much more perceptive of subtle energy than humans. Since animals are naturally more grounded and connected to root chakra energy, they have a more instinctually way of keeping the energy of their lower chakra centers in balance. The higher chakras in an animal are often closed but can be opened and activated with assistance. Before beginning any energy healing work on an animal it helps to gently massage each energy center first. This helps the animal become more relaxed and receptive.

Remember that the animal health advice on this page is not intended to be used as a substitute for veterinarian medical treatment whennecessary. Animal energy healing is often used as a supplimentary practice along with traditional veterinary care.

Animal Chakra Associations & Attributes

Animal Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Location: At the base of the tail

Anatomocal Correspondances: Adrenal glands, spine, bones (marrow), legs, colon, anus, kidneys, tail and back paws

Associated Color: Red

Attributes: Grounding to the earth, good health and vitality, survival instincts.

Root Chakra Issues: Imbalances may result in anger in the animal or it may show signs of extreme fear or anger. Survival fears and instincts may become excessive. The animal may also suffer from constipation or issues with its lower limbs or paws.

Healing and Activating: The Root Chakra of an animal can be awakened and balanced by spending quality time each day sitting with your animal as close to the earth as possible, or spending more time outdoors laying on the ground. Dancing or active play and running with the animal can also stimulate the centre and accelerate healing.

*Associated Crystals that benefit the animal's Root chakra are ruby, red jasper, garnet, and any red or rustic brown colored rocks or gemstones.


Animal Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana)

Location: On the bely above the sex organs.

Anatomocal Correspondances: Pelvis, reproductive organs, genitals, small and large intestines, stomach, sacrum vertebra.

Associated Color: Orange

Attributes: Creative energy, sexual energy, desire and pleasure.

Sacral Chakra Issues: Imbalance may result in sexual dysfunctions or issues in the animal. Elimination or bladder problems can can result, as well as back pain. The animal may also show jealous and possessive types of behavior.

Healing and Activating: The Sacral Chakra of an animal can be awakened and balanced through the healing use of water. Bathing will stimulate and cleanse the animals energy centres. Spending quiet time with the animal near water visualizing the animal refreshed and restored in health and spirit.

*Associated Crystals that benefit the animal's Sacral chakra are amber, topaz, moonstone, fire opal and any orange colored rocks or gemstones.


Animal Solar Chakra (Manipura)

Location: On the upper chest, a few inches back from the front legs.

Anatomocal Correspondances: Stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, diaphragm, nervous system, lumbar vertebra

Associated Color: Yellow

Attributes: Personal power and Will, determination, assertion, good humored energy and playfulness.

Solar Chakra Issues: Imbalance may result in the animal experiencing poor digestion or even eating disorders. Some animals may suddenly lack will or energy. Emotionally, the animal may be experiencing or show excessive fear; some animals might exhibit powerful agression at times.

Healing and Activating: The Solar Chakra of an animal can be awakened and balanced by gently rubbing the belly of the animal. You can meditate with the animal by becoming aware of the energy radiating from it's solar plexus while breathing using YOUR diaphragm. Be aware of the flow of energy being exchanged between you and the animal and breath as if you are One.

*Associated Crystals that benefit the animal's Solar chakra are tiger's eye, amber, citrine, gold, and any gold or yellow colored rocks or gemstones.


Animal Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Location: The heart area and chest

Anatomocal Correspondances: Heart, blood and circulatory system, lower lungs, chest, immune system, thoracic vertebra.

Associated Color: Green

Attributes: Unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion, peaceful and tolerant; group consciousness

Sacral Chakra Issues: Imbalance may result in the animal experiencing anger or showing hostility. They may also develop heart related problems. This affects the animal's ability to experience or express love in some way.

Healing and Activating: The Heart Chakra of an animal can be awakened and balanced by spending time with the animal in a more emotional way. While the animal is near you, you can allow your own heart chakra to open. Just by keeping the energy flowing with loving intention the animal will be able to tune in and feel your emotional energy--as well as your intent for its healing.

*Associated Crystals that benefit the animal's Heart chakra are Emerald, green jade, malachite, and green colored rocks or gemstones; pink gemstones like rose quartz can also be used.


Animal Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

Location: The upper throat area

Anatomocal Correspondances: Thyroid, lungs, respiratory system, throat, mouth, vocal chords, forelegs and paws

Associated Color: Blue

Attributes: Communication in all forms, self expression, eloquence, graceful and even tempered.

Sacral Chakra Issues: Imbalance may result in the animal having difficulty with communication. The emotions of the animal get caught energetically in the throat. The animal may also become more dominant (trained animals may suddenly show defiance). Animal may be unable to listen or tune into your voice.

Healing and Activating: The Throat Chakra of an animal can be awakened and balanced through singing or chanting, humming or even conscious breathing near the animal with healing intention. The sound vibrations will soothe the animal and also promote faster healing. The animal's throat chakra can also be opened/activated with stimulating music or healing vibrational vocal tones.

*Associated Crystals that benefit the animal's Throat chakra are Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, blue quartz, blue topaz, turquoise, and all blue colored rocks and stones.


Animal Brow Chakra (Ajna)

Location: Between the eyes and a few inches up on the head (animals do not have a 'third eye' center as humans do, and the brow chakra is higher up than the brow location in humans).

Anatomocal Correspondances: Left hemisphere of brain, left eye, base of skull, nervous system, side of head, forehead, nose, ears.

Associated Color: Indigo

Attributes: Intuition, imagination (dreams), vision, intense concentration and focus.

Sacral Chakra Issues: Imbalance may result in vision problems or eye issues in the animal. The animal may also experience lack of focus or concentration. Physical effects can result in balance and coordination issues and headaches.

Healing and Activating: The Brow Chakra of an animal can be awakened and balanced through the use of healing crystals. Meditating with the animal can accelerate the process. Guided visualization can also be used to visualize the animal being restored to good health.

*Associated Crystals that benefit the animal's Brow chakra are blue sapphire, tourmaline, clear quartz crystal, and any indigo or dark purple colored rocks and gemstones.


Animal Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Location: The top of the head, between the ears

Anatomocal Correspondances: Right hemisphere of brain, right eye, cranium, cerebral cortex, side of face.

Associated Color:

Attributes: Inspiration, inner wisdom, cosmic consciousness, spiritual nature, universal connection

Sacral Chakra Issues: Imbalance may result in the animal becoming depressed. They become very ungrounded energetically and spiritually disconnected from Source energy; they may also lack enthusiasm or become more lethargic.

Healing and Activating: The Crown Chakra of an animal can be awakened and balanced (same as above) through the use of healing crystals. Spending time in meditation with the animal can be beneficial for healing and activating this centre---and each and all of the chakras. While meditating, visualize the animal being restored to good physical health and well-being.

Associated Crystals that benefit the animal's Crown chakra are Diamond, amethyst, clear quarts crystals, all violet and clear colored rocks and gemstones.


Animal Brachial Chakra (8th Key chakra)

*Animals have an 8th Chakra referred to as the Brachial Chakra which humans do not have. Is is the main energy center in all animals and links directly to all the other chakras. When preforming any healing work on an animal it is recommended to begin with the Brachial Chakra.

Location: Either side of the body, in the shoulder area.

Anatomocal Correspondances: None

Associated Color: Black

Attributes: This is the centre that governs the Animal-Human interaction, and where the animal-human bond is formed and carried.

Sacral Chakra Issues: Imbalance may result in the animal being extremely fearful of human contact. The animal may be extremely timid when around humans, or may run away; they may also show signs of aggression and hostility when approached.

Healing and Activating: The Brachial Chakra of an animal can be awakened and balanced using hands-on or distant reiki (Reiki healing can be used on all of the animal chakras). Positive affirmations can also be used in the healing process. Increasing the amount of loving human contact with the animal (if animal allows) will also benefit this chakra.

Associated Crystals that benefit the animal's Brachial chakra are tiger's eye, snowflake, obsidian, carnelian and all black colored rocks and gemstones.


*If the animal is not in your presence you can still use visualization for distant healing. You can visualize the animal happy, healthy and healed while imagining the animal surrounded in white or silver healing light and energy. Visualizing the color of the associated chakra is also recommended. Each and every chakra can be stimulated in this way and helping to balance the energy in the entire chakra system.