Chakra Related Health Issues

When the energy within a particular chakra becomes blocked or stagnant, it cannot flow efficiently and the chakra cannot function properly. If the chakra does not get cleared so the energy can move freely then a dysfunction will occur. Symptoms will manifest on a physical or psychological level within the areas that correspond to that particular chakra.

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Energy imbalances will also occur when there is an excessive or insufficient amount of energy within a chakra. If the energy is not brought back into balance then physical, mental and emotional issues will occur in areas related to those chakras. Blocked or imbalanced energy within a chakra may cause dysfunction in nearby or related chakras as well.

Below is a list of physical symptoms related to each of the seven chakras. Symptoms indicate an issue within the related chakra that should be healed. Although once chakra related symptoms begin to manifest in the physical body and become severe enough, the physical issue must usually be treated through physical methods. Healing of the chakra is still required in order to prevent the issue or physical dis-ease from reoccuring.

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

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-Low blood pressure; anemia and other blood related disorders.
-Issues related to colon and large intestine.
-Irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea/constipation/hemorrhoids/gas).
-Issues related to legs, knees and feet.
-Spinal problems, Lower back pain, sciatica, varicose veins.
-Pain or issues with bones, joints, muscles, tendons (fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc).
-Issues connected to the immune System, kidneys or adrenal glands.
-Eating Disorders (anorexia, bulemia); undereating or overeating
-Weight gain especially in lower region; obesity.

Root Chakra Healing Methods (Muladhara)

Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana)

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-Issues with hips or thighs.
-Problems with kidneys or bladder; prostate problems; urinary tract infections.
Chronic lower back pain or pelvic pain.
-Issues with the Liver and lower abdoman.
-Digestive issues; pelvic cramps/spasms; menstrual issues or pms.
-Problems with Reproductive organs and glands; fertility Issues.
-Disorders of the spleen and lymphatic system.
-Circulation problems or low blood pressure.
-Sexual related dysfunctions (impotence, frigidity); low or overactive libido.

Sacral Chakra Healing Methods (Swadhisthana)

Solar Chakra (Manipura)

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-Issues related to kidneys and bladder; urinary tract infections
-Food related allergies and eating disorders.
-Food addictions or weight gain (especially in the middle region.)
-Digestion issues; gas, bloating, indigestion
-Ulcers and other stomach complaints or disorders
-Issues related to the Pancreas and the endocrine system; Diabetes, hypoglycemia
-Issues related to the gallbladder; gallstones
-Liver dysfunctions; hepatitis
-Problems with intestines; intestinal tumors; Coeliac disease

Solar/Navel Chakra Healing Methods (Manipura)


Heart Chakra (Anahata)

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-Any heart related conditions or disorders; heart disease, heart attack, etc
-Issues related to the circulatory
-Blood related disorders or blood pressure issues(hypertension/hypotension)
-Respiratory system related issues; asthma; pneumonia.
-Problems related to the lungs; bronchitis,
-Issues related to the chest or breasts (breast tumors/cysts)
-Issues connected to the upper back, shoulders, arms and hands
-Issues connected to the immune system and thymus gland
-Respiratory issues; asthma

Heart Chakra Healing Methods (Anahata)

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

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-Issues connected to the neck and jaw; TMJ.
-Thyroid related issues (hyperthyrodism, hypothyrodism)
-Issues connected to the throat (sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitis); swollen glands
-Ear or hearing related problems and ear infections
-Issues connected to the respiratory system and breathing (Asthma, Bronchitis, etc)
-Problems or infections related to the teeth, gums and mouth
-Joint problems; scoliosis
-Vocal or speech related problems

Throat Chakra Healing Methods (Vishuddha)


Brow/Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

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-Issues connected to the eyes or vision problems; blindness
-Nervous system disorders and Neurological disturbances; seizures
-Any brain related issue or disorder; tumors,hemmorrhages; strokes
-Insomnia or other severe sleep issues.
-Headaches and migraines
-Problems related to the nose and sinus related issues
-Severe ear related issues; deafness
- learning disabilities or issues related to cognition.
-spinal cord dysfunctionsand or nerve related issues.
-Depression and anxiety; panic disorders

Brow Chakra Healing Methods (Ajna)

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

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-Severe headaches and migraines
-Seizures, tremors, dizziness
-Issues related to the brain and spinal cord
-Multiple Sclerosis; Parkinson’s disease
-Neurological issues; ADD, dyslexia
-Alzheimer’s disease; senile dementia
-Memory related issues, amnesia
-Issues connected to the central nervous system (epilepsy, paralysis)
-Severe mental illness and psychological issues; Schizophrenia, delusions; hallucinations
-Unexplainable depression, anxiety, fatigue or exhaustion not linked to any physical disorder

Crown Chakra Healing Methods (Sahasrara)


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