The Crown Chakra

A list of physical, mental/psychological, emotional, and spiritual signs and symptoms that there is insufficient or excessive energy flowing within a particular chakra, or that there is an energetic block in the Crown Chakra area that is creationg a malfunction on some level. Oftentimes, a severe block or imbalance in a nearby chakra can cause issues with the chakra above or below it.

Symptoms & Signs of Crown Chakra Imbalance

Representations: Spirituality and Universal Oneness/Truth,Spirituality, Self-realization, Enlightenment, Dynamic Thought, Universal Truth; Oneness, Wisdom; Higher consciousness/Higher Self

Related Issues Issues with spirituality and the Divine; issues related to higher truth and wisdom; issues with being either too closes off to spiritual connection or excessive/obessive spirituality; issues relating to feelings of "oneness" with the Universe; issues relating to one's alignment/connection with Inner Spirit or Higher Self; issues pertaining to one's purpose in life; being connected or disconnected with life force energy; also, issues relating to spiritual knowledge, consciousness, spiritual vitality/well-being and enlightenment.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Brain/Upper Brain, Brain Stem, Cerebral Cortex, Central Nervous System/Pineal Gland, Pituitary, Right Eye, Spinal Cord

This chakra is a replica of all of the other chakras and the total energy signature of each individual is said to exist within the crown chakra. As the Root chakra firmly connects us to the grounding energy of the earth, the crown chakra opens us to the universal energy.

A Balanced Crown Chakra keeps us spiritually connected. It allows us to feel connected to a higher power and universal wisdom.

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Crown Chakra (Muladhara)

Psychological Imbalances, nervous system imbalances, cognitive issues, learning disabilities, sleep disturbances, nightmares, overall/general distress, mental illness, personality disorders, stress, worry, hysteria, depression, delusions, hallucinations, memory disorders, alzheimer's, amnesia, brain injuries, right-left brain imbalances, dizziness, headaches/migraines, brain tumors, pituitary gland problems, poor coordination, skeletal issues, muscular difficulties, epilepsy, parkinson's disease, MS and chronic exhaustion, paralysis, stroke, vision issues, sensitivity to light, sound and environment, auto immune disorders, extreme exhaustion, energetic disorders, disease and disorders of the skin, life threatening illness or disease, cancer, coma

Over-Active Crown Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Addiction to spirituality, disassociation from body, over-intellectualization, neglecting physical needs, extremist behavior, egotistical, destructive, over imaginative, mental confusion, delusions, manic-depression, psychotic, impractical, greed, arrogance, spiritual psychosis, feeling 'lost', domination of others, excess energy in lower chakras- materialism, spiritual misperceptions, spiritual brainwashing, excessive gullibility, lack of self-understanding, flighty, worrisome, bored, lack of direction, living in one's head, disconnection from earthly matters, constant sense of frustration, obsessive attachment to spiritual matters, close-mindedness, need to feel indispensable, craving sympathy, s piritual exhaustion, learning difficulties, scattered mental energies, split/multiple personalities.

Under-Active Crown Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional: Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Spiritual cynicism, feeling disconnected from Higher Self/Source, disconnected from reality, frustration, feeling misunderstood, confusion, uncertainty and lack of purpose, disillusionment, dissociation, helplessness, hopelessness, chronic mental and emotional exhaustion, spiritual depression, environmental sensitivity, fear of aging or death, dogmatic religious/spiritual views, prejudiced, over-analyzing, indecisive, difficult to think for one's self, limiting beliefs, lack of inspiration, no spark or joy, apathy, spacey, catatonic, self denial, shame, feeling misunderstood, rigid thinking, spiritual ignorance, spiritually unaware/lack of spiritual connection, negative self image, lack of conscience, unrealized/untapped power and spiritual potential, severe depression, suicidal, disconnection with the vital flow of life.

Life Stage Trauma:

Signs of a Balanced Crow Chakra

Strong and deep sense of spirituality and interconnectedness; awareness of/ access to higher spiritual knowledge/wisdom, open to Divine energy, spiritual/self mastery, self-realization, liberation from limiting patterns and ego attachements, access to higer states of consciousness, feelings of ecstasy and bliss, intelligence, thoughtful and slf-aware, open-minded, mental strength, inspiration, just and fair, wise decisions, joyful, increased understanding, expanded consciousness, enlightenment, centered, overal good health and well-being, good spiritual discernment, spiritually empowered, both hemispheres of the brain are balanced and working together in harmony, access to the unconscious and the subconsciou mind, ability to live in the present moment, mindefullness, unshakable, faith, inner guidance, spiritual visionary, inner peace

Balance and Energize the Crow Chakra by taking the time to meditate on a regular basis; use visualization and breathing techniques; be still and connect with the Source within yourself/higher self; connect to a higher power/God. Praying or any form of spiritual chanting. Find ways to relax and allow more peace to flow into your life. Connect more with spiritually minded people and places; spend more time on spiritual activies or practice (e.g. spiritual centers or spiritual communities, healing groups, group meditations, spiritual events, spiritual teachers, spiritual ritual/sacred ceremony, etc.,) Practice spiritual love and compassion for others. Have more faith and spend more time pursuing your purpose in life.

In order for the Crown Chakra to work at its best, the heart chakra must be strong and balanced.

Brow/Third Eye Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through sound, color, and meditation/visualization techniques.

Healing For Crown Chakra Symptoms/Imbalances

The following links will provide various techniques and methods for healing the Crown (Samasrara) Chakra. You can use any one that resonates with you and mix and match them as you feel the need to. They can be used for general healing and energizing purposes, to open and/or activate this chakra center, for clearing/removing any blocks, and/or to energize and get energy flowing freely through the chakra centre.

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