The Heart Chakra

A list of physical, mental/psychological, emotional, and spiritual signs and symptoms that there is insufficient or excessive energy flowing within a particular chakra, or that there is an energetic block in the Heart Chakra area that is creationg a malfunction on some level. Oftentimes, a severe block or imbalance in a nearby chakra can cause issues with the chakra above or below it.

Symptoms & Signs of Solar Chakra Imbalance

Representations: Issues relating to Love & Relationships, Emotional Balance, Energy Equilibrium, Harmony; Community, Group Consciousness, Unconditional/Spiritual Love, Generousity, Sharing, Compassion, Forgiveness.

Related Issues Issues related to the giving and receiving of love; compassion, kindness, generousity and empathy towards others;fulfilling close and personal relationships; intimacy; emotional expression, balance and harmony; soul related issues; unconditional and humanitarian love; unity. The heart is the center of the chakras and issues here can cause imbalances in the entire system; it's also an important chakra for healing. Issues also related to the ability to express deep emotions including joy, fear, sadness and serenity.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Heart, Circulatory System, Rib Cage, Lungs, Diaphragm, Skin, Hands, Arms, Upper Back, Thymus Gland, Lymph Glands Immune System, Respiratory System, Blood, Veins, Arteries

A Balanced Heart Chakra enables us to grow in spiritual love. Love is the breath of life and It connects us to the spirit that is within all things. The awakened and expanded heart Chakra is the gateway into the higher states of consciousness.

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Heart Chakra

Heart related problems, circulatory system problems, thymus problems, issues with pancreas, blood pressure issues, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hypertension, breathing difficulties, respiratory ailments, asthma, frequent colds, auto-immune system problems,pain or issues with middle and upper ribs, upper back pain/problems, muscular disorders, muscle spasms/tension, pain or injuries related to arms, wrists, fingers, shoulder pain/issues, issues with lungs, chest pressure or tension, ulcers, blood disorders, chronic stress, heart/lung disease/cancer, heart attack; skin/complexion issues,tumors, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety/panic attacks, psychological Imbalances, depression

Over-Active Heart Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Jealousy, stinginess, anger, suffocating/smothering people with your love, controlling, becoming possessive or obsessive, giving too much of oneself, over-sacrificing, over-confident, co-dependency demanding, clinginess, overly critical, selfish/conditional love, emotionally manipulative, moody, melodramatic, manic-depressive, relationship problems, deceitful, domineering, emotionally dominating, stubborn/need to be right, arrogant and hyperactive, competitive, anger, aggressive, temper tantrums, overly emotional, emotional or violent outbursts, trust issues.

Under-Active Heart Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional: Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Lack of compassion for self or others, cold-hearted, emotionally distant, lack of empathy, self conscious, overly sensitive, low self-esteem/self-worth, seeks validation/approval, needs constant reassurance, feels unloved/unworthy of love, fear of intimacy/close relationships, afraid of letting go or feeling vulnerable; unable to express needs, anti-social and withdrawn, loneliness and isolation, fear of rejection, self-pity, self-doubting, feeling trapped/restricted, feeling unfulfilled, burying/repressing emotions, feeling taken advantage of, martyrdom, victim mentality, holding a grudge/inability to forgive, blaming others, insecurity, jealousy, possessiveness, paranoid, indecisive, passive-aggressive, intolerant, critical, judgmental, skeptical, afraid to love or be loved, fears of betrayal, resentment, anger, emotionally co-dependent/clingy, stinginess, easily manipulated, guilt, bitterness, melancholy, heartache, grief, sorrow, repressed emotional wounds, joylessness, trust and abandonment issues.

Life Stage Trauma: Issues with the Sacral chakra are associated with trauma ocurring between the ages of 12-16, 42-46 or 72-76

Signs of a Balanced Heart Chakra

Healthy and harmonious relationships, comfortable with intimacy, has empathy, compassionate, generous, balanced in giving and receiving love, sincerity, positive/optimistic attitude, nurturing, friendly, in touch with feelings,emotions flow freely, balanced emotional expression, gives without expectation in return, ability to authentically love self and others, unconditional loving, helpful, joy, gratitude, sense of freedom, expansion, sense of calm, tolerant, understanding and accepting, fulfilled, strong heart, ability to change and adapt, kindness and affection, purposeful living, harmony, adaptive, forgiving, enthusiasm, trusting, peacefulness, feeling of unity and connectedness, humanitarian nature.

Balance and Energize the Heart Chakra by balancing giving and receiving; be open to receiving love and giving love without expectations. Be more authentic and sincere with others, and help others when you can. Strive for more healthy and harmonious relationships. Practice appreciation and gratitude. Practice forgiving yourself and others and heal old emotional wounds. Spend more quality time with friends and loved ones. Get more involved in your local community and volunteer for worthwhile causes. Spend time reflecting in nature and meditate more (especially focus on breathing). Find ways to express your most heart-felt self. Follow your heart more and live your passions; discover your authentic life purpose.

Heart Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through Sound, Color, and Meditation/visualization techniques.


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