The Heart Chakra

The Meaning of Anahata - The Heart Chakra

The 4th chakra is named 'Anahata' in Sanskrit and corresponds to the chest area and heart of the physical body. The energy here relates to one's emotional life and relationships and is connected to the astral body. Anahata chakra represents unconditional Love and is associated with compassion and healing. When the heart chakra opens one feels more deeply connected with others and to nature. This center allows one to sense other energy fields.

Anahata is related to the element of air and its free flowing nature. It is in this space the integration of opposites take place. It is the merging place for the mind and the body. Is is the essence of Anahata that allows one's heart space to open and awaken. This allows us to live from a more heart-centered consciousness in relation to life and others, and to develop a deeper sense and appreciation of nature.

The Heart chakra allows us to experience our emotions more in depth. It represents are connectedness with the heart of life and a deeper and more open acceptance and understanding of others. It gives us the ability to love unconditionally and become fully centered in profound joy and inner peace.

When the Heart chakra is clear and open then Love and affection flow more easily. Kindness and compassion become more natural and one strives to create harmonious relationships with others. When this chakra centre is over active or has excessive energy, one may be suffocating or smothering others with too much affection, or motives for love can sometimes be selfish. When the heart chakra is under-active, closed or blocked, one may become cold and distant with others and have less empathy.