The Sacral Chakra


Sacral Chakra Correspondances

Anatomical Location: Navel; Mid/Lower-Abdomen/Pelvis (2 inches below belly button); Lower Back; Sexual Organs

Affirmative Statement: (Affirmations): "I FEEL" (I 'Want', 'I Sense')

Associations & Qualities: Emotions, Feelings, Pleasure, Sensuality, Sexuality, Desire, Creativity; Intuition, Empathy, Personal/Social Needs; Personal power and security; Duality/Polarity, Change and Movement; Emotional Consciousnes/Tribal Consciousness; Self Expression; The Emotional Self; Animal instincts;

Animal Symbols/Totems : Aligator/Crocodile(Makara), Fish, Dolphin; sea creatures/water animals (Also, Elephant, Stag, Badger)

Archangel/Angelic Vibration: Gabriel; Also, Zadkiel, (and all Angels of Birth)

Aromas/Insense: Gardenia, Sandalwood

Astrological/Zodiac Signs: Aries & Scorpio (also, pisces, cancer, sagittarius)

Body Functions:Emotions; Sexuality and Pleasure; Procreation; Reproduction;

Body Systems: Sexual Organs; Reproductive System; prostate, womb; lymph System; Nose and Bones

Chemical Element: Helium

Color: Orange

Consciousness Focus: Self-creation/Self-gratification; Creative Flow (Self esteem)

Crystals/Gemstones Amber, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Tiger Iron, Orange Moonstone, Orange Calcite, Shuganite, Orange Coral, Tangerine Quartz

Days of Week (associated energies): Monday, Friday

Developmental Stage: Childhood (2 - 7)

Developmental Cycle: Age range 8 - 14 / 57-63

Electromagnetic Energy: X-rays

Element: Water

Endocrine Gland: Gonads (Ovaries, Testes)

Energetic Focus: Sexual

Esoteric Dimension/Consciousness Level: Astral Plane

Essential Oils: Orange/Orange Blossom, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Cardamon, Sage, Sandlewood, Cinnamon, Coriander

Flowers: Hibiscus, Willow, Oak, Elm

Food & Drink: Any orange colored foods and drink, especially citrus fruits. Water, in particular, and any food with a high water content, such as watermelon, celery and eggplant.

Gender/Energy Type: Yin/Feminine

Herbs & Spices: Celendula, Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaf, Damiana, Licorice, Coriander, Fennel, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Sesame and Caraway Seeds; herbs and spices that awaken the senses or excite sensuality, or that benefit the reporoduction centres.

Kabbalah Sefirah: Yesod (Foundation)

Kingdom: Plant/Vegetable

Mantra/Sacred Sound Vibration: "Vam"

Metal: Iron

Musical Note: "D"

Musical Scale/solfeggio Tone: "re" (ray)


Natural Experience: Moonlight, Open bodies of water; outdoor swimming, sitting near lakes and ponds; deep pondering/self reflection.

Organ Systems: Reproductive

Petals: Represented by a lotus of 6 petals.

Planetary Body: Jupiter; Moon

Plexus: Prostatic

Power/Force: Magnetism; Polarity

Psychological Need: Safety

Related Sin: Gluttony

Related Virtue: Temperance

Sacred Vowel Sound: "Uu"

Sanscrit Name and Meaning: Svādhisthāna - "Sweetness" or "Seat of the Soul/Sacred home of the self" (Swa - vital force, soul; adhisthana - seat or abode)

Sense: Taste / Gustatory System

Sound Frequency/Healing Tones: 210.42 Hz.(Chakra Platonic) - 288 Hz (Carrier Wave) - 417 Hz.(Solfeggio)

Spin Direction: Clockwise(female); Counter-Clock wise(male)

Spiritual Lesson: Honoring Relationships; Learning how to "let go" / let go of control and unhealthy attachements, as well as issues and judgements so we can surrender, go with the flow and be more open and receptive.

Spiritual Light Ray: Violet (7th Ray that vibrates as the quality of Mercy and Freedom); also can be associated with the second divine ray of love and wisdom)

Spiritual Light Ray: The 7th Divine Ray (color frequency: Violet) -- The ray of "Ceremonial Magic"

Subtle Body/Auric Body: Emotional Body (Second Layer)

Symbol (chakra): Six petals, circle containing a crescent moon

Symbols (other): Circle/Sphere

Symptoms of Malfuction/Imbalance: Issues related to emotional needs, security, sexuality and self expression; problems in lower body (kidneys, pelvic area/hips, digestive ailments, etc.,), issues involving reproductive organs.

World Chakra Point/Vortices: The planetary second (sacral) chakra is located at Lake Titicaca, located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, in South America; also, Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains, in Peru.

Yoga: Tantra Yoga; Gnana Yoga -- Sacral Chakra Poses