Goddess elemental energies

Healing The Chakras With The ELEMENTS

Each chakra corresponds to one of the natural elements. The five elements of nature are Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and the fifth spiritual element of Ether is also included. Every Element exists within every cell of our body, and all five elements exist to a degree within all of the 7 chakras. Each Chakra contains a ‘layer’ of each of the five Elemental Levels of energy. Chinese philosophy recognizes five distinct elements of cyclical change called water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

ELEMENT associated with the Root Chakra: Earth

• Represents the Level of Structure.

• Metal: Lead

• Earth Associations: Winter Season; Pentacle (tarot), North Direction; Stability, Strength, Comfort, Grounding, Harvest, Animals.

Crystals/Gemstones: Red & Dark Brown Stones

ELEMENT associated with the Sacral Chakra: Water (Ice/Steam/Fog/Mist)

• Represents the Level of Biochemistry/Biological Life.

• Metal: Tin

• Water Associations: Autumn Season; Bowl/Cup/Chalice (tarot); Direction West; Emotions, Intuition, Divination, Healing, Dreams, Ocean, Rivers, Lakes

Crystals/Gemstones: Orange stones

ELEMENT associated with the Naval/SolarChakra: Fire (Heat/Flame)

• Represents the Level of Physiological Motivation.

• Metal: Iron (Gold)

• Fire Associations: Summer Season; Sword (tarot); Candle; Direction South; West;Will, Power, Force, Desire, Courage, Lust, Creativity, Enthusiasm, Passion,

Crystals/Gemstones: Yellow stones

ELEMENT associated with the Heart Chakra: Air (Wind)

• Represents the Level of Motion.

• Metal: Copper; Aluminum; Tin

• Air Associations: Spring Season; Wand/Staff (tarot); Direction East; Thought, Reason, Intellect, Knowledge, Freedom, Memory, Awareness

Crystals/Gemstones: Green and Pink stones

ELEMENT associated with the Throat Chakra: Aether/Spirit/Life (Lightning/Electricity)
and Sound

• Represents the Level of Psychology/Mind

• Metal: Mercury

• Aether Associations: All; Circle or Infinity Symbol; Center; Transcendence, Transformation, Unification, Power, Time, The Void, Crown Chakra

Crystals/Gemstones:Blue stones

ELEMENT associated with the Brow/Third Eye Chakra: Light/Dark (etheric)

• Metal: Silver

Crystals/Gemstones: Purple/Indigo stones

ELEMENT associated with the Crown Chakra:

Time/Space Thought (etheric) All Senses/Pure Consciousness.

• Metal: Gold

Crystals/Gemstones:White, Gold or Violet stones