The Root Chakra

The Meaning of Muladhara - The Root Chakra

The 1st chakra is named 'Muladhara' in Sanskrit and corresponds to the base of the spine/tailbone area of the physical body; also the legs and feet. Muladhara chakra represents our root connection to the earth, our physical body as a whole, and our ancestral roots as well. It is associated with survival insticts and physical security. This is the space where the Kundalini energy is coiled waiting to be awakened and ascend through the other chakras towards the crown chakra.

Muladhara chakra represents our personal foundation in life and our feelings of being Grounded. It is also related to issues of money and financial independance, as well as the basic needs for survival such as food and shelter.

Muladhara/Root Chakra represents the element of earth and this is why it related to our survival insticts and our connection to or physical bodies and to the earth, and the physical plane in general. This chakra allows us to have health, prosperity and a firm foundation for our life and a feeling of belonging and having a secure place in this world.

When the Root chakra is clear and open then one feels more grounded, stable and secure. Feelings of trust and being present in the here and now becomes more natural. When this chakra is over-active with energy one may become more materialistic or even greedy. This can result in too much focus on security and survival and be resistant to change. When the root chakra is energy is blocke or under-active one may feel unwelcome or insecure and may be fearful or nervous.