The Chakras and Colors

Circle of Colors

The Chakra colours mirror the Colors of the Rainbow. Each one of the 7 chakra energy centers of the body have a direct correspondance to a particular color of the rainbow spectrum. Each color has a distinct frequency or vibration depending on its wavelength. Each chakra has a direct energetic connection to the vibrational frequency of each color. Working with the colors is an effective way to heal and energize the chakra that the color is associated with.

Each color also has unique qualities that can affect your mood and energy, and can be used for many different healing purposes and in many different ways, such as color visualizations or meditation on a particular color and chakra.

Each chakra center relates to you on various physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The different personality traits that can be seen and recognized within the Chakras are also associated with the energies and qualities of each color.

Red  |  Orange  |  Yellow  |  Green  |  Blue  |  Indigo  |  Violet

COLOR associated with the Root Chakra: RED

• Energizes and exites the emotions; stimulates the appetite; has a warming effect; represents passion

Red relates to self awareness and self preservation. It is associated with survival and stability. It represents vitality of life, and your place on this earth, along with a deep sense of being rooted. Red provides the power of earth and gives energy on all levels, it also connects us to our physical body.

• Positive Aspects: Security; Courage; Confidence; Vitality; Strong-Willed; Pioneering Spirit; Spontaneous; Grounded

• Negative Aspects: Insecurity; Self-Pitying; Fearfulness; Powerlessness; Agression; Timid; Ungrounded

Root Chakra Healing with the Color Red

COLOR associated with the Sacral Chakra: ORANGE

• Warming and energizing; stimulates creativity; represents fun and sociability.

Red relates to success and self respect. It is associated with the freedom of being ourselves. It represents joy in our every day activities and itnerests and strengthens our appetite for life. Orange is a powerful emotional stimulate and helps to remove inhibitions and makes us more independant and social, it also connects us to our senses.

• Positive Aspects: Happiness; Enthusiasm; Resourcefulness; Self-Assured; Confidence, Sociable, Independance, Joy; Creative/Constructive

• Negative Aspects: Depression; Apathy/Boredom; Withdrawn; Despondent; Doubtful; Anti-Social; Over-Dependent; Self Destructive

Sacral Chakra Healing with the Color Orange

COLOR associated with the Navel/Solar Chakra: YELLOW

• Stimulates mental activity and feeling of confidence; helpful for study and staying alert and focused.

Red relates to creativity and self worth. It is associated with the personality, the ego and the intellect. It represents how we feel about ourselves and how we feel others perceive us, and our ability to percieve and understand. Yellow also gives us clarity of thought, increases awareness and stimulates interest and curiosity; it also connects us to our mental self.

• Positive Aspects: Wisdom; Self Esteem; Clarity; Good-humored, Optimistic, Confident, Practical, Intellectual; Alert

• Negative Aspects: Confusion; Powerless; Timid; Feelings if Inferiority; Over-Analytical; Sarcastic; Pessimistic; Impractical; Cynical

Solar/Navel Chakra Healing with the Color Yellow

COLOR associated with the Heart Chakra: GREEN

• Balances and Harmonizes; encourages tolerance and understanding

Red relates to love and self love. It is associated with the giving and receiving of unconditional love. It also represents our ability to lovem, honor and nurture ourselves. Green helps relax the body and calm the thoughts, it also cleanses and balances our energy, bringing feelings of renewal, peace and harmony; it also connects us to unconditional love.

• Positive Aspects: Balance, Love, Self Control; Compassion; Generosity; Harmony, Balance; Understanding; Adaptable; Sympathetic; Humble, Nature Loving; Romantic

• Negative Aspects: Imbalance; Misery; Bitterness; Jealousy; Indifference; Disharmony; Stinginess/Greed; Impulsive; Self Rightous; Materialistic; Aloof; Rigid; Rage/Sorrow

Heart Chakra Healing with the Color Green

COLOR associated with the Throat Chakra: BLUE

• Calming, relaxing and healing; represents communication

Red relates to spirit and self expression . It is associated with speech, communication and the ability to express our needs. It represents the spirit of truth and purpose; it relates to mental relaxation and has a calming effect on the nervous system and benefits sleep; It is associated with wisdom and clarity of thought and expression. It connects us to holistic/universal thought

• Positive Aspects: Knowledge, decisiveness, loyalty, trustworthy, tactful, calm, inspiring, inventive, caring, affectionate

• Negative Aspects: unfaithful, untrustworthy, self-rightous, cold; aloof, betrayal, cautious, ignorance, frantic, deceiful, indecisive

Throat Chakra Healing with the Color Blue

COLOR associated with the Brow/Third-Eye Chakra: INDIGO

• Has a sedative effect; helps to open the intuition; represents divine knowledge and the higher mind.

Indigo relates to Insight and self responsibility. It represents trusting our intuition and following one's soul path; it represents seeing things from a higher viewpoint and expanding perception, rather than from ego or judgement. It strengthens intuition, imagination, psychic senses and dream activity; It connects us to our unconscious self and the experiences of being one with the universe.

• Positive Aspects: Intuition, Mysticism, Understanding; Fearlessness; Idealistic; Truth-seeking; Faithful; Clarity/Clear Sighted; Orderly and Practical; Intergrity; Wisdom

• Negative Aspects: Imbalance; Inability to trust intuition; Clouded vision; muddled thinking; scattered mind; inconsiderate; fearful; anxiety and panic; confusion; Ignorance

Brow Chakra Healing with the Color Indigo

COLOR associated with the Crown Chakra: VIOLET

• Calming for the body and mind; good for meditation and prayer; enhances life purpose; heightens spiritual awareness; purifying

Red relates to self knowledge and spiritual awareness . It represents our union with your higher self, with spirituality and higher consciousness; it brings guidance, inner strength and wisdom; purifies our thoughts and feelings and enhances creaitivity and talents. It connects us to our spiritual self.

• Positive Aspects: Beauty, Creativity, Inspirational; Kind, Just/Fair; Humanitarian nature; Self sacrificing; strong mentality; visionary; idealism; service to others

• Negative Aspects: Feelings of superiority; disconnection from reality; feeling spacey; cruel; selfish; service to self

Crown Chakra Healing with the Color Violet

Auric human energy field of colors The Aura is an energy field that surrounds all living beings and even objects. The aura consists of seven layers and also the seven primary colors that connect with each chakra centre. The colors seen within the energy fielddepend on the mood or personality of an individual. Any physical, mental or emotional issues that an individual may have will be reflected in the different colors that can be seen in the person's energy field. When working with colors in general, there are many different meanings and interpretations depending on the shade, tone and the consistency of the color.

Red  |  Orange  |  Yellow  |  Green  |  Blue  |  Indigo  |  Violet

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