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Healing with the Color Red

The Root Chakra is represented by the color Red. Red is the slowest wavelength within the visible color spectrum. Its vibration is powerful and stimulating. This color grabs our attention and pulls our energy outward, and this is why the color red is used for stop lights, signs and warning signals. Red is the color of blood--the life force of the physical body. The color red energizes us.

On a physical level red is associated with the adrenal glands which create our 'fight or flight' response. Red symbolizes the energy of physical life, our survival instincts and our connection to the earth.

The energy of the color red is dynamic and active. It moves us into action and guides us towards change.

The color red can be used to stimulate and boost physical energy, and to help with fatigue and lethargy, and even depression. It can help to strengthen the willpower, increase motivation and ignite sensual desire.

Red creates enthusiasm and passion and can enhance s and create motivation. It also enhances sensual desire. Red can also increase blood circulation and clear congestion in the body. Too much red can overstimulate, and create anger or agression.

All the red colored Gemstones/Crystals - ruby, garnet, spinel, red touramline, andesine, zircon, red jasper, bloodstone, rose quartz, coral - can be used with the Root Chakra for healing and energizing.

About Root Chakra Energy (Muladhara)

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