The Sacral Chakra

The Meaning of Swadhisthana - The Sacral Chakra

The 2nd chakra is named 'Swadhisthana' in Sanskrit and corresponds to the pelvis and genital region of the physical body. Swadhisthana is mainly related to emotional and sexual energy. This is the space connected to deep feelings and creative enthusiasm, as well as emotional security. The Sacral chakra energy allows us to encounter the energy of change and growth.

Swadhisthana chakra is related to issues concerning our ability to accept other people and be open to new experiences in life. It is about our sense of abundance and general well being, and also relating to pleasure ans sensuality.

The Sacral chakra represents the element of water and this is why it is connected to the flowing and changing nature of our emotions and to the active and receptive nature of our sexuality. It helps us connect to others through desire, sensation and movement. This chakra allows us to experience depth of feeling, physical pleasure and fulfillment, and gives us the ability to accept change in its many forms.

When the Sacral chakra is clear and open, feeling flows more freely and one is able to express feelings without being over-emotional. Passion and intimacy come more naturally. Over-active sacral chakra energy may result in becoming too emotional and cause unhealthy attachments to people or sexuality. When the Sacral chakra is closed or blocked then one becomes unemotional and detached from others and feelings get repressed.