The Crown Chakra

The Meaning of Sahasrara - The Crown Chakra

The 3rd chakra is named 'Sahasrara' in Sanskrit and corresponds to the top of the head of the physical body and extends above and beyond it. Sahasrara chakra represents pure consciousness, pure energy and oneness with all; it also relates to the unconscious self. The crown chakra connects to the ketheric body and is associated with spirituality itself and higher intelligence; it is our connection with, and the merging of our self with God/Source--the All.

Sahasrara chakra represents our ability to be fully and spiritually connected to everything. It concerns the understanding of inner and outer beauty and the experience of pure bliss.

The Crown chakra represents the concept of Thought itself and true higher knowledge and understanding. It is the timeless, spaceless place of pure consciousness. It is here that we have pure awareness. It represents our spiritual connection to the greater worlds beyond, and to a timeless, spaceless place of all knowing. It is our divine experience of the God/Source.

When the Crown chakra is clear and open, one feels more accepting and connected to others and to the world around them. One becomes more aware and wisdom is developed. An over-active or excessive energy in the crown chakra can result in over-intellectualization. Spirituality can become an addicted and one may ignore or neglect bodily needs. When The energy of this chakra is under-active or blocked then one may become more rigid or even prejudiced in their thinking and may not be open or aware of spirituality.