The Navel/Solar Chakra


Navel/Solar Chakra Correspondances

Anatomical Location: Center of Belly; under center of rib cage, under diaphragm.

Affirmative Statement: (Affirmations): "I WILL" ('I Think', 'I Act')

Associations &Qualities:Will, Power, Self Empowerment, Motivation, Intellect, Mental Force, Vitality, Strength, Energy and Action, Morality, Judgment; Center for Personal Power; the Ego; Sun/Solar Center; Self Desire to Express Individuality

Animal Symbols/Totems: Bear, Lion (also, Ram, Birds)

Archangel/Angelic Vibration: Uriel; angels of peace

Aromas/Insense: Carnation

Astrological/Zodiac Signs: Aries & Scorpio; (also, leo)

Body Function: Regulates Life Force (chi, qi) and energy systems; Personal Power and Will (willpower); Action; self confidence; independance

Body Systems:Stomach, pancreas, intestines and colon; metabolism

Chemical Element: Oxygen

Color: Yellow

Consciousness Focus/Spiritual Lesson: Self-empowerment/Self-definition - Intellectual Sense of Self (Will Power)

Crystals/Gemstones: Amber, Blue-green Turquoise, Blue-green Fluorite, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Citrine, Coral, Garnet, Orange Calcite, Peach Moonstone, Tiger Iron, Vanadinite, Ametrine, Amber, Citrine, Golden Calcite, Golden Topaz, Tiger's Eye, Jasper, Iron, Sunstone, Yellow Jasper

Days of Week (associated energies): Tuesday, Sunday

Developmental Stage: Adolescence (11-18)

Developmental Cycle: Age range 15 - 21/ 64-70

Electromagnetic Energy: Ultraviolet (UV) rays

Element: Fire

Endocrine Gland: Pancreas; adrenal cortex (outer)

Energetic Focus: Ego

Energy Type/Gender: Yang/Masculine

Esoteric Dimension/Consciousness Level: Mental Plane

Essential Oils: Black Pepper, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Juniper, Lemon/Lemon Grass, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Vetiver (also: Bergamot,Fennel,Cedarwood,Clove,Cinnamon, Chamomile, Ginger, Lavender, Myrrh**, Marjoram, Mandarin, Patchouli, Rose, Spearmint ,Thyme, Ylang Ylang )

Flowers: Chamomile, Peppermint, Golden Yarrow, Lemongrass

Food & Drink: Any yellow, golden or light brown colored foods; granola and grains; dairy products

Frequency/Tone: 126.22 Hz.(Chakra Platonic) - 528 Hz.(Sofeggio) - 320 Hz (Carrier Wave)

Herbs & Spices: Anise, Cinnamon, Mint, Ginger, Turmeric, Fennel; any herb that benefits the Liver and/or Digestion.

Kabbalah Sefirah: Hod and Nezah (Majesty and Endurance)

Kingdom: Animal

Metal: Tin

Musical Note: "E"

Musical Scale/solfeggio Tone: "Mi" (me)

Mythology: Luna(Roman) Helios (Greek) Surya(Hindu)

Natural Experience: Sunlight; sunflowers

Organ Systems: Gastrointestinal

Petals: Represented by a lotus of 10 petals.

Planetery Body: Mars; Sun

Plexus: Solar

Power/Force: Magnetism; Polarity

Psychological Need: Power

Related Sin: Laziness

Related Virtue: Diligence

Sacred Sound Vibration/Mantra: "Ram" or "Aum"

Sanscrit Name and Meaning: Manipūra - "Lustrous Gem" or "City of Jewels"(Mani - pearl, jewel; pura - place, city)

Sense: Sight (Vision)

Sacred Vowel Sound: "Oh"

Spin Direction: Clockwise(male); Counter-Clock wise(female)

Spiritual Lesson: Learning to be Effective Co-Creators with God/Universe; Using One's Will for their Highest Good and the Highest Good of All (In alignment with the Will of God/Source)

Spiritual Light Ray: The 6th Divine Ray (color frequency: Ruby/Purple with Gold) -- The ray of "Devotion"

Subtle Body: Mental Body (Third Layer)

Symbol (chakra): Ten petals, circle containing down-facing triangle

Symbols (other): Triangle/Pyramid

World Chakra Point/Vortices: The planetary third (navel) chakra is located at at the site of Uluru (formerly Ayer's Rock), and Katatjuta in Northern Territory, Australia; also, Kata Tjuta and Mount Kailas, in the Himalayan Mountains, in Asia.

Yoga: Karma Yoga

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