Solar Plexus/Navel Chakra Affirmations

Here are a few simple but powerful Affirmations and Positive Statements for healing, activating and energizing the Solar Chakra (Manipura).

These Solar/Navel Chakra affirmations can be spoken aloud or silently in your mind. Repeat the affirmative statements several times while feeling the associated positive emotion at the same time. The affirmations can be repeated each day on a regular basis, or anytime you are working with the Solar/Navel chakra for any reason.

You can also write down the affirmations on paper and keep them with you so you have them whenever you need them. It can also help to place the affirmations around your home in various places where you will see them on a regular basis (taped to a mirror, on the refrigerator, near the computer, etc,.)

Solar Chakra Affirmations Meditation Video

Solar (Manipura) Chakra Affirmative Statements and Affirmations

"I Will"
"I Think"
"I Act"

Note: All of these Solar Chakra keywords and phrases can be mixed and matched; or the phrases can be strung together to create positive affirmative statements as needed.

I Act with Courage
I Act with Courage and Confidence
I Act With Enthusiasm and Determination
I Act Courageously
I Act with Confidence
I Act According to My Highest Good

I Will Be Myself
I Will Achieve My Goals Successfully
I Will Achieve Success
I Will Never Give Up
I Will With Confidence

I Have Will Power
I Choose
I Choose Goodness and Love
I Preservere
I Get The Job Done

My Self Esteem is Healthy
My Intellect is Sharp
My Core Is Energized With Vitality and Strength

I Have Strength
I Get Things Done
I Live my Life with Integrity
I Think Positive
I Assert Myself when Needed
I Set Boundries with Love

I Am
I Am Authentic
I Am Focused
I Am Strong
I Am Empowered
I Am Centered
I Am Energized
I Am Energy

I Know Who I Am
I Am In Control of My Life
I Am A Responsible Being
I Am Successful in All My Ventures
I Am Ambitious and Self Motivation
I Am Positively Empowered
I Am Self Motivated
I Harness My Personal Power

I Focus on Positive Outcomes
I Have the Power to Manifest My Dreams
I Make My Own Choices
I Use My Personal Power For Good
I Take Full Responsibility of My Life
I Treat Myself With Respect
I Preservere Through Uncertainty
I Fully Step Into My Power
I Committ Myself To My Goals
I Make Decisions Easily
I Harness the Power of My Will For Good
I Take Action With Ease

Success Comes Easily To Me
I Use My Drive and Passion To Improve My Life (as well as that of others)
In Challenging Situations I Am Relaxed
I Respect Myself and Others and Set Necessary Boundries
I Stand Courageous and Full of Personal Power


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