Throat Chakra Affirmations

Here are a few simple but powerful Affirmations and Positive Statements for healing, activating and energizing the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

These Throat Chakra affirmations can be spoken aloud or silently in your mind. Repeat the affirmative statements several times while feeling the associated positive emotion at the same time. The affirmations can be repeated each day on a regular basis, or anytime you are working with the Throat chakra for any reason.

You can also write down the affirmations on paper and keep them with you so you have them whenever you need them. It can also help to place the affirmations around your home in various places where you will see them on a regular basis (taped to a mirror, on the refrigerator, near the computer, etc,.)

Throat Chakra Affirmations Meditation Video

Throat (Vishuddha) Chakra Affirmative Statements and Affirmations

"I Speak"
"I Listen"
"I Express"

Note: All of these Throat Chakra keywords and phrases can be mixed and matched; or the phrases can be strung together to create positive affirmative statements as needed.

I Speak My Truth
I Speak From My Heart
I Speak From My Highest Truth
I Speak Authentically
I Speak My Truth
I Speak My Inner Truth
I Speak My Truth With Confidence
I Speak The Truth
I Speak Up For Myself

I Listen With Compassion
I Listen To My Inner Voice
I Listen To The Voice of Spirit
I Listen To Others When They Speak
I Listen To Others Without Judgement
I Listen To Hear
I Listen To The Needs of Others

I Hear My Inner Voice Speak Loudly and Clearly
I Hear The Wisdom of My heart
I Hear The Sounds of Nature
I Hear The Sounds of Life

I Am Authentically Creative
I Am Inspired
I Communicate Clearly
I Communicate From My Heart and Truth
I Sing My Heart Song
I Understand

I Express My Truth
I Expres My Creative Nature
I Express My Creativity
I Express My Inner Truth
I Express Myself With Ease
I Express My Creativity
I Express Myself Clearly
I Express Myself Courageously
I Express Gratitude Towards Life
I Express Myself Effectively and Honestly
I Express Myself With Clarity and Confidence

My Voice Is Strong and Clear
My Voice Is My Own
My Voice Is Clear
My Voice Is Strong
My Voice Is Unique

I Am Authentic
I Am Honest
I Am True To Myself
I Create
I Always Speak From The Heart
I Delight In My Self Expression
I Acknowledge The Power Of My Words To Create What I Intend To Speak
I Open To The Unversal Truth Within Me


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