The Chakras and Food

You are (how you feel) about what you eat. Your body will often tell you what it needs and your intuition can be an excellent guide to achieving ultimate health and well-being. Each energetic chakra center corresponds to a specific areas of life, and each center represents the way we relate to food on a deeper level. When energy work is needed, or being done in a specific chakra center, our eating patterns--and the subconscious motivations behind them-- may reflect and relate to the theme and motivation behind that specific chakra.

The Root Chakra

In this centre, food represents security. Deep fear-based issues, particularly related to safety and physical survival take root here. There may be worries over food scarcity or concern over having enough to eat. This can create issues with over-eating often in a subconscious attempt to feel more secure in some way. Craving certain 'comfort foods' can provide a sense of feel safe and nurtured.

If there is healing work being done in this centre, then it is fine to feed your body foods that feel good and comforting while energy is being released. Including lots of fiber in your diet will also help you feel fuller, safe and become more grounded.

Foods, Herbs and Spices for the Root Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

In this centre, food represents pleasure. One may find themselves eating for the simple pleasure of it instead of based on hunger or need. Food is not just about nutrition, but it is about the entire experience involving all of the senses--the smell, taste, texture, feel, flavor--the delight of eating and savoring the essence of the food. Food can be a sensual experiencing. There may also be a love/hate relationship with food. IBS or certain food intolerances can often occur when one needs to find a balance between the foods they enjoy and the foods the body is not resonating with.

If there is healing work being done in this centre, it may be beneficial to drink various liquids often throughout the day such as herbal teas, fresh juices, water, etc). Chewing sugar-free gum can provide a pleasurable sensation and as a healthier alternative whenever an undesirable food craving or urge to over-eat occurs.

Foods, Herbs and Spices for the Sacral Chakra

The Solar Chakra

In this centre, food represents power. Issues here are related to control or power. There are tendancies to be rigid or strict with diet or eating habits or controlling what one eats. Even feelings of resentment to having to submit to dietary restrictions can surface. Those working with the lower chakra may dislike the limiting feeling of restricting food intake because it may represent a loss of power or control. The solar plexus chakra corresponds to one's feeling of self-empowerment.

If there is healing work being done in this centre, it is okay to drop the diet and instead focus on choosing easily digestible foods such as soups or anything that is soft and easy on your solar plexus region and related organs (liver, stomach, pancreas). Choosing foods that are easier to digest may be more beneficial, rather than restricting the quantity. This is kinder than dieting and allows the body to balance weight better.

Foods, Herbs and Spices for the Solar

The Heart Chakra

In this centre, food represents love. Foods that are enjoyable release endorphins and provide a rush similar to the feeling of falling in love. Romantic or 'aphrodisiac' type foods such as oysters, red wine and chocolate may be stimulating. One may care less about the food itself, and more about the way the food makes them feel. Putting restrictions on one's food intake or restrictive dieting can feel, in a way, heartbreaking.

If there is healing work being done in this centre, it might be good to focus on enjoying your surroundings when eating, and the people that you are eating with. It's best to avoid eating alone (which can lead to over-eating) and actively engage with people and food together. Having conversation over a meal (perhaps with a glass of wine and some chocolate) can be a wonderful experience.

Foods, Herbs and Spices for the Heart Chakra

The Throat Chakra

In this centre, food represents joy. This energy inspires the enjoyment of a wide variety of foods and this becomes a strength with eating. Exotic or unusual foods, and foods with interesting spices and flavors can be appealing. There is a general openess with food. Becoming more focused on the preperation or the ingredients involved in foods may also occur.

If there is healing work being done in this centre, it may benefit to focus on trying new and unusual foods to satisfy any craving, instead of over-eating or eating foods that seem boring or feel unexciting. Although food should not result in guilt, and food selection should be based on the joy it will bring instead of wasting energy (calories) on food that does not bring joy.

Foods, Herbs and Spices for the Throat Chakra

The Brow Chakra

In this centre, food represents energy. Issues here may result in having very specific food needs. Lots of fat and protein is common, and sometimes a sudden dislike of fruits or vegetables. There is much depth and intuition that corresponds to the third-eye chakra energy and each bite of food needs to be calorie dense, and the body knows this and will react accordingly.

If there is healing work being done in this centre, one may feel pressured to eat healthier, but should understand the need to honor the body. Feeding the brain lots of healthy fats (organic, whole fats, fish oils, avocados, yogurts, etc), and proteins, organic meat and eggs, and also nuts, is an excellent way to honor the body. It's important and beneficial to feel good about one's food choices.

Foods, Herbs and Spices for the Brow Chakra

The Crown Chakra

In this centre, food represents spirit. Food almost seems optional at this level. When there is a lot going on in this chakra, it may result in erratic eating patterns, even periods of forgetting to eat at times. Issues can result in one ignoring their body or losing track of time. One may not take the time to eat healthy, may be stuck in a fasting/binging cycle, or when they do eat, food might be eaten rapidly or in larger bites with less chewing, or without much awareness, or may make unhealthy food choices.

If there is healing work being done in this centre, Patience is necessary to savor or enjoy the meal, instead of rushing or skipping meals. The best thing to do is to eat at regular intervals and to keep this schedule. Also, it's important to remain hydrated throughout the day, so carrying water with you wherever you go can help.

Foods, Herbs and Spices for the Crown Chakra

Foods For Healing Each Chakra

Heart shaped fruits and vegetables

Various foods, drinks, herbs and spices correspond to each chakra. This is based on the color frequency that each chakra represents, as well as the element which it relates to and its associated qualities and energies. Eating foods that correspond to each chakra will assist with clearing, cleansing, activating and rejuvinating these energy centers.{more}

Healing The Chakras With Herbal Remedies

Healing Herbs
Each plant carries a vibrational frequency that corresponds to one of the seven chakras. The vibrational qualities of each plant will assist in clearing, balancing and energizing your aura and your chakras.You can receive the gifts of plants by drinking herbal teas or elixers or by using plants or flowers for aromatherapy; consuming certain edible varieties of plants or eating more raw fruits and vegetables. {more}