Aura Colors and Healing Techniques

Throughout history, many spiritual healers have relied on information about their patients via energetics. This might take the form of Aura colors, for example. Oftentimes, these healers were also looking to heal within the physical body, as well as in the emotional and spiritual. Over-activity and weakness of a person's energy can affect all three of those aspects, and can be causal in illness and disease.

The energy of the body of which I am speaking has been called by many names over the years. The Hindi refer to chakras and auras, and the energy patterns that flow through them. The Chinese utilize the terms Chi or Qi and shen in referring to the energy within and around the body. Western cultures often refer to the HEF- human energy fields, and so on. Each culture takes the information they gather from these energies to help create the healing tools they use in that culture.

The manner in which people go about healing is varied. There are the completely hands-off approaches, such as energy healing and prayer. There are also the hands-on techniques of massage, accupressure, tough therapy, and others. Gentle internal practices would include the use of herbs and medicines, while invasive techniques would include surgical procedures. There is not one right way to heal, rather, all aspects of healing can work together, and each should only be used in appropriate settings and situations.

The way in which an aura reading can contribute to the healing process is quite simple. Aura colors are believed to indicate the forms of energy that are working in and around a person, as well as the manner in which energy is flowing. A healing practitioner can use this information to inform their diagnosis or treatment.

For many years, people did not have scientific proof of auras, and so many dismissed them. Today, thanks to the aura camera, proof of auras is beyond simple to obtain. Fortunately for those who already know the value of auras in healing, modern science has long proven that the human electo-magnetic field is exactly what is being viewed in an aura photo.

The aura camera itself is an invention that has totally revolutionized the way Aura colors could be used in treatment, because it was then possible for the client themselves to see their aura. Even if you have complete faith that a person is telling you the truth about the color of your aura, actually seeing it yourself is still a much stronger experience for your brain that just being told about them. Beginning with Kirlian photography in the 70s, aura photography has grown into what it has become today, which is a system capable not only of still shots, but interactive video of a person's aura. A very basic explanation of how this works is that a biofeedback sensor collects information about the HEF and then translates that into the actual visual of the aura.

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