The Chakras and Days of the Week

Circle of Colors

Each one of the 7 chakra energy centers of the body are associated with a particular day of the week. The connection to each chakra with a particular day is based upon the energetic similarities between the two and the associated planetary energies that they share.

Working with any one particular chakra on its corresponding day will help enhance the focus of the energies involved. You can be creative with this; for example, if there are any imbalances in the root chakra that need healing, no matter what method of healing you choose to use to open or balance it, it would be beneficial to preform the activity or healing on a saturday (or monday), which is the day of the week associated with the Mulahdara (root) chakra. Another example: if you are going to have a meal with foods and herbs associated with the Heart chakra, then you can do so on its corresponding day to boost the healing effects of the meal, as well as adding an extra energizing effect to the chakra itself.

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Any time you are working with any of the chakras for any reason, or using one of the healing methods associated for a particular chakra, choosing to do so on its corresponding day of the week will benefit the chakra, as well as enhance the effect of whatever healing method you are using for that particular chakra on that day.

The names of the days of the seven-day week in many languages are derived from the names of the classical planets in Hellenistic Astrology, these names were in turn associated with "the Gods of antiquity" or particular deities based on region and cultural belief.

note: This list is only for the purpose of showing each chakra and its connection to a particular day of the week and the energies involved, as well as tips for healing or working to energize that chakra on its associated day(s). You will see that the actual planets that are associated with each chakra will differ slightly than those associated directly with the days of the week, along with other chakra associations such as colors, crystals, etc.,.

DAY associated with the Root Chakra: Saturday

Saturday is known as "Saturns Day" for its association with the planet Saturn, also associated and named in honor of the Roman god 'Saturn', or 'Cronus', the equivalent in Greek Mythology.

Saturn is associated with the base chakra, Muladhara. The Root chakra is our connection to the physical plane and relates to our sense of stability and security on the earth.

Saturn is known as the Planet of 'Karma' and 'Time'. Saturday/Saturn also represents energy and vigor, protection and self-discipline.

The experience on the physical plane can seem limited; there are often harsh lessons that must be learned. In turn, the planet Saturn is associated with limitation, in the same sense that it brings with it harsh lessons, often karmic related, for the purpose of human development and progress on earth, as well as overall soul growth.

The energies of Saturn and the day Saturday is a time for productivity and completing physical tasks or working towards progress on the physical plane is beneficial on this day. Any Root Chakra related healing or focus on this day will be enhanced because of the energies of Saturn.

Saturday is an ideal day for doing any type of Healing work on the Root Chakra. When using crystals for chakra healing purposes, working with Obsidian and Hematite stones will also enhance the Root Chakra energies on Saturday.

Saturday is an ideal time for cleansing the home and environment in general, and this day can help for grounding Root Chakra energies as well.

* The Root Chakra, since it is the first chakra, is sometimes associated with the first day of the week, or Monday. You can use the energies of Monday to work with the Root Chakra as well. Any energizing work for the Root Chakra can also be beneficial on Tuesday because of the connected associated energies of planet Mars.


DAY associated with the Sacral Chakra: Monday, Friday

The Sacral chakra is associated with the day Monday, also known as "The Day of the Moon". The Moon, like the Sacral chakra connects us to our emotions, often subconscious or hidden, like the moon. Also like the moon with its cycles and seasons, we associate the feminine aspect, much like the Sacral chakra energies. Monday, and the Sacral chakra, represents fertility as well.

Doing Sacral chakra healing and energizing work during a blood moon, or when the moon appears orange in color is especially powerful (especially if it falls on a Monday!). Any Sacral chakra energy work done on a monday will be beneficial, as well as Sacral chakra healing, clearing or activating on any day of a New Moon and Full Moon.

The Swadhisthana chakra is associated with sex and sensuality, the emotional aspect of self, as well as reproduction, and the feminine prinicple, so it is often represented by planet Venus, which is the ruling planet of the day Friday. Oftentimes, each day of the week is associated with each chakra in order from the first to last day, so the 2nd day of the week can also be used to enhance energies when working with the sacral chakra, if one feels intuitevely drawn to do so.


DAY associated with the Solar Chakra: Tuesday, Sunday

The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the day Tuesday, which is referred to as the "Day of Mars" since it related to the war-God Mars, named so by the ancient Romans; its equivalent is the Norse God, Tyr, and in Greek Mythology, Ares. The Solar Plexus chakra is sometimes connected with Sunday because of its representation with the related energies of the Solar Sun.

Much like the energies of the Solar, or Naval Chakra, the associated day of Tuesday represents willpower and determination, Strength and courage. It also relates to competition, productivity and effectiveness.

Working with the Solar/Naval chakra for any purpose is extremely beneficial on the day Tuesday. In addition, anything associated with Fire energy, whether that be colors, foods or activities, can be enhanced of a Tuesday and help to balance Manipura Chakra and balance the energies.

Any powerful intentions or initiations, such as the start of a project or any healing work involving the Solar Plexus Chakra especially can be beneficial on a Tuesday, as the energy the Mars represents can add passion and power to the mix.

The energy of Tuesday, like Manipura Chakra, carries in essense, a masculine energy, much like the planetary body of Mars, as well as the "Sun". Sometimes, the Solar Plexus chakra is associated with Sunday, because of the powerful core energies of the Sun, so this day can be used as well if one Wills.


DAY associated with the Heart Chakra: Wednesday, Friday

The Anahata, or heart chakra is associated with the day of Wednesday, known as the "Day of Mercury". The Anahata chakra is also associated with the day of Friday, the "Day of Venus" because of the compassionate associations with the Heart. Friday is governed by the planet Venus, which is named for the goddess of love and beauty; the equivalent of Venus in the Greek language is, Aphrodite, and in Norse Mythology, Freya.

The day of Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the planet of interelated communication. The heart has an intimate connection with the physical/cranial brain. The heart is an information processing and communication center. Similar to how the brain processes information and communicates by sending signals to the rest of the body, the human heart independantly sends signals of its own to the brain. This makes the heart a unique communication centre; its language could be said to be that of love.

Wednesday and Friday are the best days for working with the Anahata for any purpose. Incorporating other things associated with the heart chakra, such as the associated healing crystals and herbs, music, gardening and heart centered meditations can greatly enhance the energies you are working with on these particular days.

* The heart is the bridge between the lower chakras (which represent energies of the physical planes) and the upper chakras (which represent the non-physical, or spiritual planes).

When the spiritual heart is awakened, signals are not only sent to the brain, but these energies are sent out to others and to the entire universe. Love transcends the physical plane and communicating from a space of love and compassion can literally re-wire the brain to be more in tune to percieving and understanding the higher planes, as well as being more open to receiving the love that flows in from others, and from the higher planes.


DAY associated with the Throat Chakra: Thursday, Wednesday

Thursday is the day associated with the Throat Chakra. Named after the Norse god "Thor", Thursday is in called "Thors Day", accordingly, and is governed by the Planet Jupiter.

Choosing to work with the the Throat chakra on the "day of Jupiter" (Thursday) can help with the expansion of energies, whether this be opening to more prosperity or better communication. Jupiter is all about expansion, good fortune, and also relates to travel. The Throat chakra is the centre for communication and the exchange of ideas; language, communication, listening/hearing are also connected with the Throat Chakra, so is oftentimes connected to the day of Wednesday. Wednesday is associated with Mercury, the planet of communication and travel.

Thursday is a good day for increasing productivity and encourages movement. Business related matters, especially those involved with communication of any kind, in connection with opening, energizing or activating the Throat Chakra can be more beneficial on a Thursday because of the acceleration of energies involved.

Thursday is also good for planning or finishing up any work or study in general. The Throat Chakra is also related to sound, so using the voice, so guided meditations and chanting mantras can be beneficial on a Thursday and when working with the Throat Chakra for healing purposes in particular.


DAY associated with the Brow Chakra: Monday, Thursday; friday

The Ajna Chakra is associated with the days Thursday and Friday, and also Monday for its Lunar association. As we move into the higher chakras, the energies become more subtle, and in that sense, any one particular day of the week is not necessarily more or less better for working with these upper chakras, but particular days are assigned based on energetic correlations. One can obviously work with any chakra for any purpose, on any day of the week, but when working with upper chakras, the associated days listed will provide additonal benefit in general.

The Brow, or 'third eye' chakra relates to one's inner vision, as well as higher knowledge/intellect, spiritual wisdom, intuition and insight. The energy of the Ajna chakra centre in relation to these qualities is connected to the idea of expansiveness and exploration through the inner senses ( spiritual vision, or the minds 'eye'). The planet Jupiter is the planet of expansion, higher wisdom, and travel, which governs the day of Thursday, so this day is often associated with the Ajna Chakra. The expansion of consciousness and exploration of the inner worlds using the inner senses/vision is key to the Third Eye chakra.

The Moon is associated with the Brow chakra as well. The Third eye is the gateway to the 'hidden inner world', and the moon is associated with the subconscious, or 'hidden inner world', oftentimes related to mystery and the shadow aspect of self. Any Chakra work related to enhancing or awakening the psychic abilities or clearing away anything that hinders intuition, or truth, may be beneficial on a thursday, and especially powerful on Monday or any day when there is a powerful Moon.

In the light of day (the Sun), we see with our conscious awareness that which is visible externally with our 'outer' physical eye; but in the darkness of night, the moon illuminates, and with our 'inner eye' we are able to then see what was previously invisible, by delving into the depths of the subconscious mind/the shadow side, the truth is revealed, and we are guided forward and inward on the path of enlightenment.

The day of Friday (Freya's Day) is also oftentimes associated with the Brow Chakra. Friday is associated with the planet Venus, which is the planetary ruler of the Brow Chakra.


DAY associated with the Crown Chakra: Sunday

As we move into the upper chakras, the energies, being more subtle, can be associated with any particular day of the the week depending on the issue being worked on in that chakra centre, or the desired results one would like to see manifested.

The Crown chakra is often associated with the day of Sunday, because of the connection to the "Sun". The Sun, referred to as a planetary body is astrology, is a poweful force in our world because it is the Source from which heat and light is received; a source of nourishment and energy for food growth, so the Sun also nourishes and energizes our physical bodies as well. Since we are more than our physical bodies, the soul also receives spiritual nourishment and Divine Light from God, or Source; the heat, we can liken to eternal flame of Love.

The Crown Chakra is connected to universal consciousness and embodies the energies of all the other chakras, so in essence, it blends the energies of all the days of week, as well.

The Sun, in relation the Crown Chakra, also represents Enlightenment, or the ultimate of Higher Consciousness. Sunday can be an extremely beneficial day for preforming any energizing, activating, healing or clearing work with the Crown Chakra especially, but for any Chakra in general.