The Brow/Third Eye Chakra

The Meaning of Ajna - The Brow Chakra

The 6th chakra is named 'Ajna' in Sanskrit and corresponds to the forehead area of the physical body. Ajna chakra is connected to the pineal gland and is referred to as the 'third eye'. The third eye is the center for inner vision, intuition and clairvoyance and relates to the sixth sense. The brow chakra energy connects us with higher mental activity and higher learning. It is the center for exploring the inner and outer worlds and the balancing opposing energies; is the space where wisdom is attained.

Ajna chakra represents our ability to focus and see the bigger picturein life. Issues are related to one's ability to think and make decisions from a space of wisdom, imagination and intuition.

The Brow/Third eye chakra represents the concept of Light and true understanding which is wisdom. It is connected to the physical act of seeing but also to 'inner seeing' and our intuitive nature. This is the space where our psychic faculties are experiences as well as an understanding of archetpyes and symbols and their higher meaning.

When the Brow chakra is open and clear one has good intuition and insight. Visualization comes more naturally and psychic abilities may be enhanced. When there is over-active or excessive energy in the third eye chakra one may fantasize too much and halucinations are even possible. When this chakra is closed, blocked or under-active then one may tend to rely too much on others and not think for themselves. One may get easily confused or too rigid in their beliefs or thinking.