About Anja and Brow Chakra Energy

The brow chakra represents our connection to logic, learning, true knowledge and understanding, and opens us up to the power of the lower mind. us up to our intuition and insight. This is the space of the 'third eye' where we develop our inner vision, and it is the center where our psychic abilities begin to emerge. The brow chakra gives us the skills to reflect on our knowledge and brings the ability to percieve situations more clearly.

When the energy of the brow chakra is imbalanced or blocked headaches and problems with concentration may develop. This may also cause confusuon, misunderstandings, poor expectations and a negative outlook on the future. The energy of the brow chakra is strongly and negatively affected by the emotions of fear, worry and doubt.

The brow chakra is our 'third eye' and it takes constant focused attention to activate its full potential. Once this goal is achieved one's experience in the world becomes less dualistic and more unified. The mind begins to accept the existance of the physical and mental words, and becomes open to the intuitive and spiritual self.

Disorders and energy inbalances in this centre can can create physical problems such as: headaches and migraines, sinus issues, issues with the ears or with hearing, eye or vision problems, problems with the pituitary gland in the brain, and psychic illness.

Insuficient energy can one to become undisciplined, oversensitive, absent-minded, and meek. It can cause unrealistic fears, self doubt, a fear of success and scattered thinking. One may also become disillusioned, neurotic, be prone to exessive daydream or develop psychological issues such as schizophrenia. Excessive energy in the brow chakra may cause one to become egotistical, arrogant, head-strong, dogmatic, overly proud, overbearing, patronizing and manipulative. When the energy in the brow chakra is balanced and flowing harmoniously then we become charasmatic, non-materialistic, non-judgemental, and fearless. We develop a clearer perspective, intelligence and become a master of self. Telepathic and other intuitive abilities become enhanced.

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