About Manipura and solar Chakra Energy

The solar/navel chakra represents our connection to our physical and emotional feelings of self-esteem. This is also the center of our intellectual feelings relating to security. The solar chakra is our personal power center which gives us our will power. It is the space of our intuition and 'gut feelings'. The energy of this chakra also brings us to our personal sense of happiness.

The energy of the solar plexus chakra is particularly sensitive towards the feelings of other people. When this center is unbalanced or too exposed, then we may pick up moods and 'vibes' of other people, whether positive or negative. Excessive energy in the solar chakra can result in over-confidence or egoism. Too little energy in this chakra can result in under-confidence or insecurity in the self.

Imbalances in the solar plexus chakra will occur when there is insufficient or excessive energy, or when the chakra becomes blocked. Feelings of self doubt or fear of the unknown can have a strong negative affect on the solar chakra. Repressing feelings can also create an imbalance, as well as any life issues related to money and power over others. The solar chakra can fluctuate between the two extremes of being too oepn or too closes, so balance is always the key with this center.

Disorders and energy inbalances in this centre can can create physical problems such as: stomach ailments, poor digestion, ulcers, problems with the gall bladder or kidney, skin problems, breathing difficulties, gas or bloating, mental and nervous exhaustion, and extreme nervousness. Other issues that arise from an imbalanced solar chakra is confusion or repeating thoughts, over-sensitivity towards others, and problems accepting mental reality. Deep breathing can open up this chakra if the energy is stagnant or blocked, which also brings a sense of joy and relaxation.

Insuficient energy can create a lack of energy and motivation, sloth, low self esteem, self consciousness, confusion, insecurity, sadness and depression, feelings of being inadequate or unwanted, and feeling jealous or distrustful of others. Excessive energy in the solar chakra may result in higher than normal levels of energy. It can also cause an individual to become a perfectionist or workaholic, over intellectual, judgemental, critical, or resentful of authority. When the energy in the solar chakra flowing harmoniously we have adequate and good energy levels and feel happy and joyful. We will have good self esteem and feel confident. A balanced solar chakra allows us to feel secure with ourself and within the world, and respectful of ourselves and others. It brings about an ability to be multi-skilled, expressive, spontaneous and unihibited.

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