About Muladhara and Root Chakra Energy

The Base/Root Chakra represents our connection to the earth. From this center we our rooted to the physical. This is the space where our life force energy is stored and it gives us our physical energy. The energy within the root chakra is distributed throughout the rest of the chakras. The root chakra is associated with the qualities of masculine energy and it also drives our physical sexual energy, survival instints. Root chakra enregy also drives the bodys production of hormones. The energy here represents our physical feelings of stability. A surge of root chakra energy occurs during puberty and during menopause in order to drive the bodys production of hormones.

If there is over-abundance of energy in the root chakra then it can not efficiently flow through the sacral chakra above it without getting stuck. It is not very common for the root chakra to become restricted or blocked completely because the energy being generated here connects us to the physical earth. When we are fully grounded into our physical bodies, and to the earth itself, then we our deeply in touch with our physical nature.

The emotions of anger, fear and hatred can have a strong and negative affect on the root chakra. Disorders and energy inbalances in this centre can can create physical problems such as: exhaustion or fatigue, low blood pressure, anemia and other blood related disorders, sexual dysfunctions or issues with the colon or kidneys, problems with the knees, legs or feet, lower back pain, weight gain or obesity. Deficient or over-active energy here can create issues related to survival, secuity, sexuality, and feelings of being ungrounded, disconnected from nature and physical reality.

Insuficient energy can create an inability to achieve goals, a materialistic outlook on life, lack of confidence or low self worth--and to the extreme, masochistic, self-destructive or suicidal tendencies. Excessive energy in this chakra will lead to sacral chakra imbalances and disorders. When the energy in the root chakra is balanced and in flowing in harmony, then we feel more down to earth and grounded in physical reality. We feel energetic, motivated and prosperous. Balanced root chakra energy gives us a feeling of being truly 'alive'.

Long term and deep-seated issues that stem from this chakra are connected to childhood security and related issues such as our early feelings and experience of love. This can cause the root chakra to become weak if the energies here are not balanced. A great way to become more grounded into our root chakra enregy is to stand barefoot on natural grass or soil, and walking outdoors as much as possible. Dancing, exercise or any other type of physical movement or acitivity will stimulate the energy in the root chakra. Gardening or connecting to nature is also beneficial as well as eating fresh vegetables, roots, and herbs and spices, especially ones that contain an abundance of root chakra energy, heal root chakra ailments or enhance root chakra qualities.

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