About Sahsrara and Crown Chakra Energy

The crown chakra represents our connection to spirituality and wisdom. The enregy here represents the highest truth and the powers of the higher mind. Crown chakra energy is linked to the higher pattern of mind and the logical processes of the brain. Inspiration and motivation is enhanced as the crown chakra opens more. This also promotes a more creative and adaptable mind.

When the energy of the crown chakra is imbalanced or blocked is can cause cloudy thinking, indecision and restless energy. It may bring an over attachment to materialistic things, to illogical self neuroses and fears of the unknown. The energy of the crown chakra is greatly affected by selfishness and greed. Depression can also develop if the crown chakra energy is not brought into balance.

A fully open crown chakra opens us up to divine energy and to the realization of deeper spiritual truths. Mastering the energy of the crown chakra will allow one to transcend the egoic self and materialistic or lower desires. The crown chakra is the bridge where the mind and matter is crosses. Disorders and energy inbalances in this centre can can create physical problems such as: extreme fatigue, hypermania, physical issues with the brain such as tumors, premature baldness, dandruff and other issues with the scalp, head or hair. Inbalances and blocks will also cause depression and other mental illnesses, confusion, lack of mental clarity and focus, feelings of boredom and restlessness.

Insuficient energy can one to become indecisive, selfish, secretive, reclusive, melancholy, and stubborn. Insuficient energy can also result in unclear thinking or an inability to be creative, and experiencing little joy in life. Excessive energy in the crown chakra may cause one to become frustrated, overbearing, high strung, irritable, irrational and hasty. It also causes one to have unrealized power and unrealized potential, as well as migraines and poor sleep. Excessive energy here may also lead to psychotic tendencies or sever mania and depression. When the energy in the crown chakra is balanced and flowing harmoniously the we become more adaptable and imaginative, logical, versitile, adventurous, explorative and wise. It opens up to seeking opportunities and a keen desire to learn. We begin to lose our fear of death and become more open to the divine, more clairvoyant, and able to transcend the laws of nature.

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