About Anahata and Heart Chakra Energy

The heart chakra is the bridge between our feelings and our personal expression. The heart is the center between the lower chakras--the physical emotional realm--and the higher chakra--the mental and spiritual realms. The heart chakra is our center of love, compassion, empathy. It allows us to feel a deeper connecedness to all of life and to appreciate life. It is also the center for personal growth.

If the heart chakra center is too open or exposed it can manifest an over concern or involvement with others while neglecting the needs of the self. This can cause self-doubt, over working, or martyrdom. If the heart chakra has underactive it may block off feelings towards others which can cause distrust, selfishness, disloyalty, dishonesty and introversion. Both extremes will usually cause issues with friendships and relationships. From an early age, most people have protected themselves by closing this chakra. Opening and expanding the heart chakra energy is the key to personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

Imbalances in the heart plexus chakra will occur when there is insufficient or excessive energy, or when the chakra becomes blocked. Feelings of self doubt or fear of the unknown can have a strong negative affect on the heart chakra. Repressing feelings can also create an imbalance, as well as any life issues related to money and power over others. The heart chakra can fluctuate between the two extremes of being too oepn or too closes, so balance is always the key with this center. When the heart chakra is balanced it will bring all theo ther chakras into alignment with it.

Disorders and energy inbalances in this centre can can create physical problems such as: high blood pressure, chest pains, heart attack or other heart related problems, breathing difficulties, general fatigue and muscular tension, immunity deficiency, circulation problems, and tension in the shoulder region or upper back.

Insuficient energy can create feelings of being unloved or unworthy of love, feeling sorry for oneself, fear of exposing ones emotional heart, fear of intimacy, or a need for constant reassurance. It can also result in paranoia, self centeredness, indecisevness, or a lack of concern for others. Excessive energy in the heart chakra may result in becoming overly critical or demanding, possessive and over concerned for others to the neglect of one's own personal needs. It can cause one to develop mood swings, become tense or even manic depressive. When the energy in the heart chakra is balanace and flowing harmoniously then we become more emotionally balanced and more in touch with our feelings. We become warm, and more sincere, compassionate, friendly, emapthic, nurturing; It is from the heart space where we develop unconditional love and acceptance of ourself and for others, and deeper feelings of being connected to nature, to others and to the world, and a sense of humanitarianism.

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