New Year's Resolutions For Each Chakra

New Years Resolutions For Root Chakra:

The Root Chakra represents one's "physical place in the world". It's associated with being grounded in the physical world, the Basic survival needs (food, sleep, sex, etc.,) vitality, the primite self, the material world, financial security, and stability (both physical and emotional).

As the world around us changes; we change. Adapting to the environment is essential for survival. But in this modern day and age, so is being your authentic self. Sometimes this could mean "getting back to your roots" (if you've been off your path for awhile); or it could mean laying down some new roots. Maybe this is the year you could might want to finally start pursuing all those things you keep 'putting on the back burner' and re-defining and re-disovering what you truly desire on a root level. This new year it's all about being yourself -- being true to the real you.

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New Years Resolutions For Sacral Chakra:

The Sacral Chakra represents "going with the flow" and adapting to change, as well as having a sense of security, both physically and emotionally. It's associated with one's emotions, in general, as well as personal needs, feelings, sensations, sensuality, pleasure, self-esteem and creative expressiveness.

As we learn to adapt to the changing world around us and within us, we might need to re-establish a sense of individuality, or re-disover who we truly are, deep down inside. In a modern society that aims to keep us more "connected" it can sometimes leave us feeling more "disconnected" from each other-- and ourselves. If you've been feeling a bit lost lately, as if you've been feeling like you've "lost signal" then it's time to re-connect (not to your local wi-fi) but rather to your true feelings and desires, as well as getting outside more often and physically (and emotionally) connecting with nature.

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New Years Resolutions For Solar Chakra:

The Solar Chakra represents our intellectual sense of "self" or Ego (whether negatively or positively expressed). It's the center of our personal power. It's associated with our metal force and Will-power, motivation, self-discipline and the individualized sense of self and authenticity that we bring into the world via our thoughts and desires, and that we manifest through our physical Actions into our own lives, and into this world.

It's important to accept who you are, and to just be yourself. But it's also important to realize that you can be and do anything you make up your mind to be and do! (Even if that means having to apply some necessary some self-control and adjusting your perspective about what that might mean 'for you'). NOW is the only time that matters! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What is it you've always wanted to do but been either to afraid to do, or keep holding it off 'until tomorrow'? DO IT. (as long as no one gets hurt!)

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New Years Resolutions For Heart Chakra:

The Heart Chakra represents -- well, the Heart. It's the centre that connects us to others, and to humanity as a whole. It's about authentic relationship and honest Love. To be true to one's self is to be true to another. Love thy Neighbor, because that neigbor could be you. It's also associated with qualities such as empathy, unconditional love, compassion, healing--and most importantly, Forgiveness (of self and other).

More and more, these day, people are becoming more aware of how their actions might affect another. There has been wave after wave of culural revolution that has brought about a lot of positive change for individual rights and for humanity itself. It's about being your most loving and authentic self, but also acknowledging that part that exists within others, as well. Being kind, caring, understanding, patient and helpful -- just FEELS better. Even if it seems like the 'rewards' don't pay off 'instantly' - - eventually.. you will see and experience the positive results in your life and in relation to the whole.

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New Years Resolutions For Throat Chakra:

The Throat Chakra represents "Expressing one's truth". It's about communication, in general -- Balancing listening and speaking (and being honest about it), paying attention to one's inner truth, following your inner guidance, and listening to that "inner voice". It's also associated with intuition and creative insight, inspirational ideas, and all communication, in general.

It seems like everything and everyone wants or needs are attention sometimes. Living in this modern communication-driven day and age -- things seem busy and buzzing. It's good to express your honest opinion-- as long as you did it a mindeful and considerate way. Also, taking the time to truly listen to others (even if you don't agree) can help to bridge worlds, not only between yourself and the people in your life, but even between nations on the planet. Think about it. Try to understand the others' point of view, but also stay true to your own by expressing it in your own unique voice or way.

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New Years Resolutions For Brow Chakra:

The Brow Chakra represents the "Third Eye" -- the 'psychic', or higher intuitive center that is inherent within all of us. It's associated with Imagination, spiritual insight and inspiration, visualization, dreams and visions, higher awareness, and the subconscious mind.

As our lives, and the world around us become more inter-connected (technologically and spiritually), we realize there might be More to matter than meets the Eye. The merging of Science and Spirituality is starting to make more sense. You might start noticing a lot more "synchronicity" -- in other words, what seems like merely 'coincidence' starts to become meaningful. Trust yourself more often. Pay more attention to your dreams; you'll be provided with invaluable insight.

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New Years Resolutions For CrownChakra:

The Crown Chakra represents Spiritual Connection and the Divine. It's the presence of GOD/Source that is within us All, and the presence of all of us that is withing Spirce/GOD. It's associated with Universal Force, Oneness, higher plances of consciousnss (or pure Consciousness Itself), and Cosmic Intelligence/Awareness.

We are not merely physica human beings who sometimes have "spiritual experiences", but rather, we are Spiritual Beings, who are having a mere "physical experience" -- for now. As mystical and metaphysical start to merge with the methodical and material, we begin to understand that life is unique. YOUR life is unique. No ONE is higher or lower than another. We are ALL in this together.

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~ * ~ * ~

Amen. <33~ In this Journey through life, we are all simply walking each other home. Home is always where the heart is, and in this new year, follow your heart (but take your head with you!) and you will find the home that's been waiting for you all along; you'll find more authentic meaning in your life, and experience a more Joy-filled reality every single day. Namaste.

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