About Vishuddha and Throat Chakra Energy

The throat chakra represents our connection to self expression and communication It is the space of sound and vibration. The energy of the throat chakra allows us to express our individual self. This energy allows us to express our inner self within the outer worl. It is the space for our creative self expression. The throat chakra is the center where we express our truth and find our unique 'voice' within the world. The throat chakra can be opened an balanced by using song, prayer, mantras or listening to soothing music.

The throat chakra is a sensitive area and the energy here can become easily bloxked, especially by tension, stress, fear, anxiety and any negativity in general. An imbalanced or blocked throat chakra can cause issues with a lack of self expression, or communication issues with self or others. It can also result in a block in creative abilities. If the throat chakra is kept in an imbalanced or discordant state for too long then it can quickly cause dis-ease within the physical body.

Imbalances in the throat plexus chakra will occur when there is insufficient or excessive energy, or when the chakra becomes blocked. Feelings of self doubt or fear of the unknown can have a strong negative affect on the throat chakra. Repressing feelings can also create an imbalance, as well as any life issues related to money and power over others. The throat chakra can fluctuate between the two extremes of being too oepn or too closes, so balance is always the key with this center. When the throat chakra is balanced it will bring all theo ther chakras into alignment with it.

Disorders and energy inbalances in this centre can can create physical problems such as: sore throats, coughs, or other issues with the throat, mouth, lips, gums or teeth, thyroid problems, lympathic issues, tension in the jaw or neck, colds and flus, circulatory issues in the shoulders, arms and hands, upper backaches, and rheumatism and arthritis.

Insuficient energy can cause one to develop an inability to express themselves or their personal feelings and thoughts. It can cause an individual to also become manpulative, inconsistant, cowardly, timid, weak or overly shy or quiet. Excessive energy in the throat chakra may result in excessive talking, a self-rightous or dogmatic attitude, and arroganace. It can also cause one to become overbearing, too opionated, domineering or it can lead to an addictive personality or behaviors. When the energy in the throat chakra is balanced and flowing harmoniously then our personality becomes more balanced in general, and we have good communication skills and feel confident in expressing our truth. A balanced throat energy brings enhanced creativity and artistic abilities, and we may develop the will to teach or inspire others. We become more charming, content, inspired and able to fully live in the present moment.

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