About Swadhisthana and Sacral Chakra Energy

The Sacral/Pelvic chakra represents our connectivity to our emotions. From this center we are in tune with our feelings and creative passions. This is the space where our emotional and sexually energy is stored and is related to intimate feelings, emotional security, sensuality and self worth, and to the emotional energy related to sexuality. The sacral chakra is associated with the qualities of feminine energy and it also drives our sexual energy and survival instints. The sacral chakra energy allows us to feel our emotions flowing inside our body and helps us deal with them on a sub-conscious level.

If the energy in the sacral chakra becomes blocked or restricted then the energy coming up from the root chakra will build up and cause feelings of restlessness. If this chakra is not regularly cleared of any excess energies then discomfort will result. Sacral chakra energy can be balanced by learning how to get in touch with our emotional and sexual needs. Cultivating a routine of physical exercise, meditation or channeling energy through any creative outlet will help to balance the sacral chakra and allow the energy to flow more freely.

Imbalances in the sacral chakra can occur when energy becomes 'stuck'. This can often happen whenever there is an over-abundance of root chakra energy that builds up in the sacral center. The emotions of guilt, fear, hopelessness or feelings of unfulfillment. can have a strong and negative affect on the sacral chakra. Long term and deep-seated issues that stem from this chakra are connected to painful past memories, emotional trauma or the buildup of repressed feelings can also lead to sacral chakra imbalances and disorders which will effect the physical body.

Disorders and energy inbalances in this centre can can create physical problems such as: digestive problems, kidney or bladder infections, prostate problems, reproduction issues, skin conditions, problems with the legs or feet, hip problems, allergies and hypersensitivity. Issues with temper or anger can also occur, as well as feelings of confusion, restlessness, dificulty accepting or expressing emotions, repression, inhibition, blocked creativity and a poor sense of humor.

Insuficient energy can create a lack of motivation and creativity, feelings of insecurity, low self-esteem, avoidance or distrust of others, irrational fears, feelings of resentment, repressed emotions, as well as low sex drive, feelings of sexual guilt or frigidity. Excessive energy in the sacral chakra may result in agression or an explosive temper, selfish or dominating tendencies, obsessive or over-indulgence in the physical, over ambition or greed, and may also cause one to become materialistic materialism, manipulative or egotistical. When the energy in the sacral chakra is balanced and in flowing in harmony, we feel more attuned to our feelings and considerate of the feelings of others, we become more open and friendly, and we develop a deeper sense of humor, intimacy, intuitiveness, creative and compassion. We lose any inhibitions that have been holding us back, we have a have a healthy attitude towards sex a deep sense of belonging.

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