The Solar Chakra

A list of physical, mental/psychological, emotional, and spiritual signs and symptoms that there is insufficient or excessive energy flowing within a particular chakra, or that there is an energetic block in the Solar Chakra area that is creationg a malfunction on some level. Often times, a severe block or imbalance in a nearby chakra can cause issues with the chakra above or below it.

Symptoms & Signs of Solar Chakra Imbalance

Representations: Personal Power Centre; Mental Self and Intellect; Motivation, Energy, Drive and Focus; Will-Power and Action; Self-Image/Identity; Ego, Magnetism; Self Control and Inner Strength.

Related Issues: Issues related to decision-making and the ability to take action; concerned with taking responsibility in life and being accountable for one's actions; relates to courage and assertiveness; personal ambitions, drive and focus; inner guidance and 'gut reactions/instincts'; issues relating to one's personal self-image, mentality and thinking process; problems involving the ego or the mis-use of personal power; agression, competition and power struggles. Physical issues connected to the body areas and organs associated with the Solar Chakra.

Associated Glands/Organs & Corresponding Body Parts: Digestive system; Upper Abdomen, Upper Back and Upper Spine, umbilicus to rib cage, Liver, Gallbladder, Middle Spine, Spleen, Kidney, Adrenals, Small Intestines, Upper Intestines, Stomach, The Diaphragm, the Breath, Skin, Digestive Organs, Stomach, Pancreas

A Balanced Solar Chakra enables us to feel energized and empowered. This chakra is our core self, our power centre and the seat of our will.

Physical Imbalances & Malfunctions in Solar Chakra

Stomach problems, eating disorders(bulemia, anorexia), food allergies/intolerances, digestive/gastric issues, indigestion, ulcers, pancreas, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver problems, gall stones, indegestion, hepatitis, colon diseases, IBS, bloating, adrenal problems, sleep disorders, insomnia, chronic fatigue; difficulty breathing, athritis, middle back pain, muscle cramps, multiple sclerosis, chronic stress, panic attacks, frequent illness (from deficient and/ or excessive energy), excessive anger or fear, psychological imbalances, obsessive compulsive behavior, addictions/addictive personality, premature aging, cancer

Over-Active Solar Chakra (Excessive Energy)

Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Stubborn, judgemental, critical of self or others, perfectionism, inability to trust one's self and others, low self esteem, self-rightous attitude, inability to feel satisfied, unethical behavior, lack of integrity, irresponsible, materialistic focus, arogance, intolerant, intense/over-powering energy, dominerring, forceful energy, intrusive, controlling, agressive, manipulative, rebellious attitude, deceptive, over-achieving/ambitious, feeling superior to others, viciously competitive, misuse of power, dictatorship, power hungry, workaholic, anger issues, quarrelsome/provokes others, temper tantrums and violent outbursts, hyperactivity, negative thinking and attitude, overly intellectual, mental overwhelm, feeling burnt out or exhausted, ridgid thinking/fear of change, overly concerned over physical appearance/self-consciousness

Under-Active Solar Chakra (Insufficient Energy)

Mental/Emotional: Mental/Emotional Symptoms: Lack of inner strength, lack of will-power and intention, lack of courage, lack of confidence, lack of self-discipline and follow through, unreliable, easily manipulated, blaming others, insecurity or feeling rejected, feeling victimized, poor self worth, self-doubt, negative self image needing constant reassurance, feeling inferior, fear, anxiety, over-cautious, phobias, isolation, fear of being alone, feeling deprived, feeling inner void or emptiness, feeling invisible, distrusful of others, unapproachable, aloofness, lethargy, passivity, indecisiveness, emotionally cold, feeling powerless/disempowered, lacking drive and energy, feeling disconnected from source of power.

Life Stage Trauma: Issues with the Solar chakra are associated with major trauma ocurring in life from ages 8 - 12. Themes related to Solar chakra issues often reccur between the ages of 38 - 42 and 68 - 72.

Signs of a Balanced Solar Chakra

Feeling self-empowered, strong sense of self, strong Will Power, self-confidance, good discernment, fair and just, strong self control/self discipline, feeling secure and at-ease, well nourished and healthy eating habits, sunny disposition, optimistic, spontaneity, playfulness, good-humored, peaceful, joyful/cheerful, outgoing, strong sense of personal power, self-respect, self-acceptance and compassion, feeling assertive and in control, self-confidence, healthy self esteem, drive and motivation, intelligent and skilful, responsible, reliable, flexible and open to change, receives and trusts inner guidance, balance and inner harmony.

Balance and Energize the Solar Chakra by following your inner guidance and trusting your 'gut instincts' more often. Empower yourself by doing things you enjoy and are skilled at; take healthy risks. Takeresponsible action in your life and in the world. Practice loving, nurturing and accepting your self; Pactice positive thinking. Let go of the stress factors in your life. Play and be spontaneous. Find reasons to laugh more. Take charge over your health and eating habits; excercise, especially core strength training. Spending time outdoors in the sun also energizes the solar centre.

Solar Chakra Imbalances can also be healed through Sound, Color, and Meditation/visualization techniques.


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