The Aura Colors and the Chakra Energy Centres

The human body has its own unique energy system known as the Aura. The aura is emitted from the body as a subtle, luminous and multi-layered field of energy. The energy of the aura can be intuitevely sensed, or physically seen as colors that vary in shade and intensity according to vibration.

An aura is made up of the seven primary colors of the rainbow spectrum. Each color and layer of the aura is correlate to one of the seven chakras. The colors within the aura vary in their shade and intensity. Each color conveys a different meaning and is a representation of the vibrational energy within a person's aura. Aura colors can change whenever their is a shift in the person's energy level or mood.

The colors within the aura can vary in intensity and become lighter or darker depending on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual influences. For example, physical health issues, as well as mental or emotional distress may cause the aura to appear dull or thin with black or other darker colors near the affected area (often in the area of the chakra related to the issue). When a person is experiencing positive thoughts or emotions such as love, they will often have bright colors of gold or pink within their aura. Aura colors can also be affected by one's level of spirituality or sense of connectedness. Spiritual masters are often seen and depicted in artwork with an intensely illuminated auras around them, or a halo of white, gold or purple light around the third eye or crown chakra area.

Auric human energy field of colors

There are seven chakras located within the body. Each chakra has its own vibrational frequency which corresponds to a specific color of the same vibration. Although there are many aura colors that can radiate from the body, there are only seven primary colors that depict important information about each of your chakras.

Each auric color and its associated chakra centre also represent specific aspects of a person's life. Each chakra is connected to an area of the physical body, and to specific emotions, mental processes, and spiritual matters. Issues on any of these levels will effect the chakra centres, and vice versa. Chakras imbalances can be seen as changes in the colors of the aura.

By understanding the vibrational meaning of the colors that are associated with each chakra, you can learn to balance your own chakras and strengthen your auric energy field. Visualizing or Meditating on the colors of the aura can help you to connect with your physical body, process your emotional energy, and help you become more present and spiritually aware. When meditating, allow your mind to tune into each chakra and visualize the specific color associated with it.

The seven primary aura colors and their associations to each chakra .

Red: (Root Chakra - base of spine)
Related to issues of survival and feeling grounded and connected to the earth. This chakra also relates to your physical sensations and instincts.

Orange: (Sacral Chakra - lower pelvic region)
Relates to issues of sexuality, creativity and healing, feeling secure in one's own body, inner emotions and self esteem.

Yellow: (Solar Plexus - the belly region)
Relates to issues of self-confidence and enthusiasm, lower mental processes and functioning, personal power and will.

Green: (Heart Chakra - chest region and heart)
Relates to issues of compassion and unconditional love, relationships and feeling connected to the world, balance, harmony and unity.

Blue: (Throat Chakra - the throat/neck region)
Relates to issues of communication in all forms, and all forms of personal expression, personal truth and higher creativity.

Indigo: (Brow/Third Eye Chakra -Forehead and eye area)
Relates to one's inner vision and intuition, higher psychic faculties, imagination, insights, ideals and perceptions.

Violet: (Crown Chakra - top of head or slightly above it)
Relates to issues of spiritul connection and divinty, one's spiritual purpose and destiny, universal oneness and enlightenment.

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