The Seven Layers of the Human Aura

Although the Aura is a field of energy that surrounds the body, it is actually composed of of several layers, rather than just one. Each layer of the aura corresponds to one of the chakras and has its own unique qualities and characteristics. All seven layers blend together to form the entire aura.

The Etheric Layer
This first layer is closest to the physical body. It emanates from the Root Chakra and forms the connection between the physical body and the higher energy bodies. The Etheric Layer extends up to two inches outside the physical body. This is the layer that can indicate potential diseases that may later develop within the physical body.

The Emotional Layer
This second layer relates to the Sacral Chakra and extends about one to three inches outside of the physical body. This is the layer where emotional energy is stored. They way an individual feels, or the way they perceive their feelings, will show up in this layers. Any negative emotions or emotional blocks can be seen within this layer as holes or darkened sports.

The Mental Layer
This third layer corresponds to the Solar Chakra and extends about three to eight inches away from the physical body. This layer is dependant upon one's thoughts and mental processes. It's also influenced by the ego and personal will power. If an individual has any self-limiting beliefs or doubts then this layer will be out of balance. Imbalances here will also manifest as confusion and a lack of mental clarity.

The Astral Layer
This fourth layer is connected to the Heart Chakra and extends about twelve inches from the physical body. This layer brings together the lower three and higher three auric layers. It acts as a bridge between the denser physical vibrations of the lower layers, and the lighter spiritual vibrations of the higher layers. This layer is often referred to as the Astral Body or the gateway to the astral plane. This layer is the space where we understand and express our feelings and relationships with others. Although the second layer corresponds to the emotions, the fourth astral layer carries octaves of the higher emotions such as compassion and deep love. Negative expressions towards the self or others can cause inbalances in this layer, or blocks that affect the giving and receiving of love.

The Etheric Template/Layer
This fifth layer is connected to the Throat Chakra and extends about eighteen inches from the physical body. This is the layer that stores creative energy that will eventually manifest into physical reality. This space stores the blueprint for everything that is created on the physical plane, including ones personality and character. Problems or energy imbalances within this layer will manifest as negative thoughts and emotions and negative aspects of personality. If harmony is not restored it can eventually lead to disease in the physical body.

The Celestial/Hologramatic Layer
This sixth layer is corresponds to the Brow Chakra and extends about twenty-four inches from the physical body. This layer holds the space of our perception. It represents a more holographic reality and perception; It's also the center for imagination, insight and the higher senses of intuition and spiritual vision.

The Ketheric Template/Layer
This seventh layer is corresponds to the Crown Chakra and extends about three feet from the physical body. This layer represents the universal connection with all that is--the point where the individual and the universe becomes as One. It is also the space of higher consciousness and divinity. Negative expressions on this level results in extreme feelings of disconnection from self, isolation from others or seperation from God/Source.