World Mythologic Symbology and Chakras

Root  |  Sacral  |  Solar  |  Heart  |  Throat  |  Brow  |  Crown


Chakra Healing Foods & Drink

chakra health Food Each of the seven main chakra energy centers correspond to particular foods and drinks. These specific foods can help to cleanse, clear, balance, energize and activate the chakras. A chakra diet will improve also improve overall mind and body health. {More}

Healing Wth Nature

Nature Scenery By connecting more with nature we will receive its many benefits and blessings. The most natural way to energize and heal the mind, body and spirit is to simply spend more time outdoors to admire the beauty and absorb the energy of the trees, plants and flowers. {More}

Healing The Chakras With Aromatherapy

Aromatic Candles Aromatherapy is extremely beneficial for overall mind, body and spirit heath. Essential Oils are recommended for Chakra healing, clearing, cleansing, activating and balancing. Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy, massage, baths and other therapies. {More}