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Healing with the Color Orange

The Sacral Chakra is represented by the color Orange. Orange is at the lower end of the visible light spectrum and is composed of the colors yellow and red. Its vibration is filled with vitality and strength. Like the rustic colors of autumn leaves, orange symbolizes the energy of change. Orange is the color associated with fire, the sun and heat. The color orange warms and sustains us.

On a physical level orange is associated with the colon, bladder and gallbladder. It is also part of the digestion process. Orange helps convert Prana (or Chi) into energy that can be used by the body to assist with vital functions.

Orange can be used to encourage joy, optimism and socializing. It can be useful for healing melancholy. The color orange also benefits the kidneys, urinary tract and the reproductive organs. Too much orange can cause tiredness, pessimism or confusion.

All the orange colored Gemstones/Crystals - carnelian, moonstone, orange tourmaline, citrine, andesine, orange jasper, orange zincite and fire opal - can be used with the Sacral Chakra for healing and energizing.

About Sacral Chakra Energy (Swadhisthana)

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