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Healing with the Color Yellow

The Navel/Solar Chakra is represented by the color Yellow. Yellow is a primary color that is composed of a single ray of light. Its vibration is optimistic and full of vibrant energy. Yellow is the color of the sun and it represents the will power, youth, new beginnings and re-birth. The color yellow also symbolizes knowledge and intellect, assertiveness and self worth.

On a physical level yellow is related to the solar plexus, the digestive organs,the stomach, the middle back, the liver, pancreas and muscles. Yellow is an expansive and uplifting color.

The color yellow can be used to relieve and release fear, apprehension, lack of motivation, introversion or confusion. It can be used to balance all power related issues. It has an uplifting effect on the mental process and can aid with learning. Too much yellow can cause poor concentration and hyperactivity.

All the Yellow/gold colored Gemstones/Crystals - topaz, chrysoberyl, agate, orthoclase, spdumene, beryl, citrine, yellow zircon, amber, and yellow sapphire - can be used with the Solar/navel Chakra for healing and energizing.

Solar Chakra Energy (Manipura)

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