Yoga Poses for Swadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)

Practicing yoga will help to relieve tension and release energetic blocks within the chakras so that our energy can flow more freely. The sacral chakra is our emotional center and is associated with the element of water. Yoga poses that specifically target the sacral chakra are especially beneficial for connecting with our emotions and to heal and balance emotional energy. Sacral chakra yoga poses help to release any emotional tensions or blocks. This allows our feelings to be expressed more freely and positively while bringing a sense of pleasure, emotional security, and positive self esteem.

The best yoga poses for the Swadhisthana (Sacral Chakra) are those that work with movement in the hips and lower abdomen. These yoga poses help to open the flow of creativity and physical intimacy while allowing emotional energy to move in a more free and fluid way similar to water. The following yoga poses will open, activate, clear and energize your Sacral Chakra especially, but will still benefit the other chakras and the entire mind-body-spirit as well.

Dancer's Pose | Child's Pose | Twisting Triangle | Cobra Pose

Dancer's Pose (Natarajasana)

swadhisthana yoga sacral chakra yoga position natarahasana dancers pose

This yoga pose requires a great deal of concentration. It benefits by stretching the thighs, groin area and abdomen, all which help to improve balance.

Stand with your feet firmly planted on the floor/ground, keeping your back straight while your arms rest at your side.

Inhale and firmly press your right foot into the ground. Move your weight into the right foot.

Exhale and lift your feel toward your buttocks as you bend your knee.

Reach back with your left hand and grasp your left ankle (or your foot). As you do this, raise your right arm up towards the ceiling and hold it there.

Begin to lift your left leg upwards away from the ground and your body. Keep lifting upwards slowly.

As your lift your left leg, tilt your upper body forward.

Hold this posture and feel the energy flowing through your pelvic area as you balance yourself.


Child's Pose (Balasana)

swadhisthana yoga sacral chakra yoga position position balasana-childs-pose

This is one of the most powerful yoga poses. It will help you get in touch with your own breathing and with the movement and flow of air within your belly. In this posture, the pranic water energy will flow and awaken you to your inner life as you observe your breath.

Kneel on a yoga mat (or the soft ground). Separate your legs about hip width apart and sit on your heels.

Exhale slowly as you lean forward and fold the top half of your body over the lower half.

Lengthen your tailbone as you rest your forehead on the may.

As you hold this pose, let your arms go back so that the backs of your hands are resting on the mat. Alternatively, you can also stretch your arms in front of your body with palms resting on the mat.

While you are in the child's pose position, quietly observe your breath as it fills your abdomen and chest. Bring your awareness to your pelvic area and notice how you feel with each in breath, and also with each out breath.


Twisting Triangle (Trikonasana)

swadhisthana yoga sacral chakra yoga position trikonasana twisting triangle

This twisting movement involved in this pose will helps to free and move enregy in the sacral chakra area, while keeping you firmly rooted through the feet and balanced through the root chakra.

Stand in the mountain pose (feel firmly planted on the floor, back straight and arms relaxed at your side).

Exhale and move your left leg behind you. Your feet should be about 3 ft. apart from one another.

Your right foot should be facing straight forward while your left foot is turned outside at abouta 45 degree angle.

Raise your arms sideways to shoulder level. Your left arm is reaching foraward and your right hand is reaching to the back. Palms should be facing the floor.

Bend at your waist and begin to lean forward. As you do this, rotate your ody toward the right leg, reaching down to your ankle or to the floor.

Stretch your right arm straight upwards so that it is in line with the left arm.

Hold this position and feel the energy flowing through your sacral chakra center.

Repeat these steps with the other side of your body.


Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

swadhisthana yoga sacral chakra yoga position bhujangasana cobra pose

This yoga position is also powerful for the heart chakra because it directs prana (chi) energyinto the heart chakra rather than be scattered around. This pose will also strengthen the entire shoulder area, providing more stable suppose for the shoulder.

Lie on your stomach with your feet extended outward. The tops of your feet should be touching the floor or mat, and your forehead should touch the ground as well. Your hands should be kept under your shoulders.

Press the tops of your feet into the mat and allow your knees to lift off the ground slightly. Let your pubic bone drop down into the mat to stabalize your lower back.

Take a breath inward as your raise your head while lifting the upper body using the power of your back.

Breathe Out. Continue engaging your legs and pushing your pelvis into the floor to protect your lower back.

On your next in breath, use the poewr of your arms to lift your body until you have extended as far as you can go. Make sure that your arms are not fully straightened because this may over-extend your elbows and destabilize the pose.

Feel your chest opening and your whole front of the body opening gently.

Feel the pranic energy flowing through your chest and into your Anahata chakra (heart center).

Take 2 or 3 full breaths while staying in this pose and then release the position.


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