EFT Tips and Affirmations for Tapping

Tips and hints for more effective EFT tapping, and a list of positive keywords and affirmations to use during your eft tapping session for better results.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques can be a life-changing experience for many. If you want to begin learning and using the EFT tapping techniques that here are a few tips to know before you start tapping.

Drink a full glass of water before your tapping session. This will stimulate and prepare the electrical system of your body.

You can tap down either the left or right side of your body. You can either using your left, right or even both hands. Try alternating to find the sides that are most effective for you.

Try not to tap too hard. Use the same amount of pressure you would as if you were tapping your fingers on a tabletop. It should be firm, but not so hard that you cause pain or discomfort.

Take a slow deep breath after you have completed a round of tapping. This helps to move the energy through your body in a more effective way.

Sometimes you may feel the urge to yawn during a tapping session. This is good because it is a sign that your body is releasing the energy. If you don't yawn, that's ok too because the EFT is still working.

When you tap along in a group setting or with other people, you may experience a "burrowing effect", which means you can actually get relief from YOUR particular issue by tapping on somebody else's problem. So whether you are the primary tapper or not, continue to tap along.

The true key to tapping is to be sure to "tune in" energetically during the experience. As you tap, ask yourself "how does this make me feel?" Use this question and pay attention to your emotional response and allow this to be your guide for the session.

It can be quite common for people to have anxiety about not knowing what to say whenever they are tapping. There is no right or wrong way to tap and you can say anything that feels right for you. With EFT, you can't make a mistake or hurt yourself, and just like its name suggests, the emotional freedom technique can be a truly liberating and rewarding experience.

The following is a list of of a few of the most helpful key phrases and affirmations that you you can use during your EFT tapping session for powerful results, or for use at any time when you would like to improve your mood. You will have to complete each phrase or statement with the words that you choose, or that match the desired goal or feeling you wish to experience.

I Am Grateful for ... ? (choose a key word or statement)

I Intend to ... ?

I Feel Excited About ... ?

I Prefer to ... ?

I Am Going to Consider ... ?

I Choose to ... ?

I Allow Myself to ... ?

I Love ... ?

I Feel Excited About ... ?

I Decided to ... ?

I Embrace ... ?

It Would Be Fun If I ... ?

I Wonder If I could ... ?

I Love Feeling ... ?

What If I Could ... ?

I Know That I Am ... ?

I Am Going to ... ?

I Forgive Myself for Feeling ... ?

I Am Learning to ... ?

You can also mix and match any of these phrases and adjust them to your own personal issue or liking. Whatever feels best for you. The key to EFT tapping with positive affirmations is to tune into your feelings and your intuition and let them be your guide throughout the process. These phrases help to stimulate a more specific physical and emotional response which makes for better clearing. If you are still having trouble clearing away any limited belief or negative emotions on your own, then you might what to visit with an EFT practioner or watch an instrunctional DVD or video about the EFT process.

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