The Chakras and Carrier Wave Frequency

Sound waves color vibrations A carrier wave is an electromagnetic wave that can be modulated, as in frequency, amplitude, or phase, to transmit speech, music, images, or other signals.

Each chakra has a carrier frequency that provides information about creation itself. Each one also communicates intelligence about the different dimensions of reality and the different areas of our life. We can adjust our consciousness to receive that information by focusing our awareness into the area of the body that governs each chakra. Our bodies and our emotions can provide us with information about the energetic state of each chakra. By scanning each chakra one can sense if there is any tension in that area in order to determine whether that particular chakra needs rebalancing.

 The frequencies for each chakra energy center are:

Root – 256 Hz

Sacral – 288 Hz

Solar – 320 Hz

Heart – 341 Hz

Throat – 384 Hz

Brow – 448 hz

Crown – 480 Hz