Chakra Platonic Frequencies

Sound waves color vibrations A Platonic Frequency is the tone of a particular planet or specific time period of the Earth. The earth, sun and each of the planets are incorporated into the chakra system as follows:

Root Chakra – 194.18 Hz

The tone of the Earth. It is the frequency of a full earth day which is 24 hours. This energy is dynamic, stimulating, vitalising and tonifying.

Sacral Chakra – 210.42 Hz

The tone of the Synodic Moon This is the time when the Moon is full. This tone enhances creativity, improves sensual communication.

Solar Plexus – 126.22 Hz

The tone of the Sun. The Sun is the transmitter and receiver of energies between the Earth and the Cosmos. It is the 'zero point' or the center point of stillness in all cycles. This is a transcendental tone that brings the power of focus, will power and action.

Heart Chakra – 136.10 Hz

The tone of the Earth’s year. This frequency resonates to the complete Earth Year (365 days) which is the time it takes for the Earth to revolve around the sun. This tone is soothing and promotes relaxation. It has a restorative nature and brings balance and harmony when relating with others.

Throat Chakra – 141.27 Hz

The tone of Planet Mercury. This frequency supports the speech center and all forms of intelligent communication. It enhances confidence in self expression.

3rd Eye Chakra – 221.23 Hz

The tone of Planet Venus. This frequency provides a great flow of harmoniously loving energy and inner harmony. It is the balance between intellect and intuition.

Crown Chakra – 172.06 Hz

The tone of the platonic year, which is the period in which the entire solar system moves around the center of the galaxy. This is earth's orbital timing which is estimated to be around the last 26,000 years of the precession of the equinoxes. This tone supports great cheerfulness and profound clarity of spirit.